Pakistan told to find Bin Laden by Brown

Brown told to find exit from No.10 by whole of the UK....


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whole of pakistan responds 'yeah, whatever.'

does this clown honestly think he has any authority on the world stage at all?
With impeccable timing, Mr Brown launches a sound bite for domestic consumption disguised as a piece of foreign diplomatic wisdom.

Under the heading "Subjects that the Prime Minister does not understand", add "Foreign Affairs".

That should be listed after "Democracy", but before "The Military".

"He,s behind ya!!!" :D :D


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Bin Laden is soooooooo last year....

Brown astounds me almost every time he speaks. Yep, we should be trying to hunt down OBL but havent lots of very capable people been doing that for almost a decade? Given that OBL has been in end-stage renal failure for that time finding OBL alive is about as lkely as finding Elvis alive. How out of touch is he? I cannot understand how he comes out with this bolleaux.

Brown may have sight problems but so did Blunkett, who managed to carry on with braille. OK Blunkett's dog did swamp the carpet in the House of Commons but allegedly so did Brown.
If Bin Laden was captured then a trial would prove that he was not responsible for 911.
This is why he will never be captured alive.
CQMS said:
What does he mean by "Take out", is he advocating state sponsored murder?
No apparently he is going to be taken on one of those shopping trips where he can get a makeover and some trendy clothes, the trips where murderers usually wander off. He will be the smartest dressed taliban leader

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