Pakistan tipped off British intelligence about plane plot

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by razorman, Aug 10, 2006.

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  1. I like Musharraf and think that he should stay as the other option the return of Sharif/Bhutto is too hideous to even contemplate. But I just don't feel that the government is really cracking down on groups such Jaish e Mohammed and Lashkar e Toiba. I still think that Kashmir clouds the policy of the government over these groups. As it more than probable that the majority of the suspects are going to be from Azadi backgrounds or that Kashmir plays heavily in their beliefs. But I think the government has to realise that these groups (LeT especially) are so tied to Al Qaeda, that they will can now only hurt Pakistani interests.
  2. Exactly; but the bloody "democracy at any price" fanatics will always bind about him. I've never been convinced that democracy is the wonder cure for all Countries and societies. Unfortunately, the Septics see it as the be all, end all.
  3. I think the yanks spell democracy with an "O" an "I" and an "L" though.
  4. I agree. I don't envy the balancing act he's currently engaged in.

    I wonder to what extent those below him (government wise) support his actions/stance?
  5. Well maybe the people under him, even ISI, and we know their general stance, realised that the International situation is so delicate that if this act of terror had been successfuly that it could really push things over the edge. Prehaps they decided to make a high profile offering out of their stable.
  6. He cleared out the hard line nut jobs when he first took over but the man is facing a multitude of problems both external and internal. The Yanks want quick solutions to everything, they are annoyed that he hasn't cracked down on the Taliban, they are annoyed that he won't support Karzai (why should he?). It's also quite clear that some in Washington want him gone now, so the calls for democracy. So it wouldn't surprise me if some under him were getting restless and reverting to previous behaviour.

    Musharraf has made mistakes, he should have manipulated the political system when he had the chance starting with the hanging of Sharif. This would have weakened his internal enemies and made his less reliant of the Islamists (people who he instinctively despises). Kashmir too, has to be looked, as with out it hanging around Pakistan's collective neck the nation could progress, as could could the collective discourse.
    It would also mean, that Pakistani Islamists would have a lot less to be angry about. Which of course would benefit western Islamic discourse.