Pakistan snubs US over new Taliban offensive

bit cheeky isn't it.. considering how many ££££'s they getting from the US/UK for anti terror ops? :?

"Pakistan's army has said it will launch no new offensives on militants in 2010, as the US defence secretary arrived for talks on combating Taliban fighters.

Army spokesman Athar Abbas told the BBC the "overstretched" military had no plans for any fresh anti-militant operations over the next 12 months.

Our correspondent says the comments are a clear snub to Washington."

UK counter-terror spending 'ambitions' cut

"The government has admitted it will be spending "less than we had ambition to spend" on counter-terrorism projects in Pakistan due to the falling pound.

But Foreign Officer Minister Chris Bryant told MPs the budget would still go up next year.

He was making an urgent statement after fellow minister Lady Kinnock appeared to contradict a statement by PM Gordon Brown on counter-terrorism.

The Lib Dems said government policy in this key area was "shambolic".

Mr Bryant acknowledged that the Foreign Office's budget had been hit by the falling value of the pound.

But he said counter-terrorism spending in Pakistan had risen from £6.2m in 2008/09 to £8.3m in 2009/10 and would be between £9 and £9.5m in 2010/11."
The Pak Army has been fighting and dying against the Enemy du Jour for longer than any of the rest of us. Perhaps they just fancied a beather?

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