Pakistan set for emergency rule

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Nuts_McAuliff, Nov 3, 2007.

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  1. On the bbc website

    bbc news

    Think it sounds more than it really is.

  2. Martial Law could bring stability but I guess it is wait and see especially with Islamist violence. But if the west wants to help - just shut the hell up about 'democracy' it is so 2003.
  3. Geo Int news is reporting that Government forces have entered the Supreme Court building. It seems that Musharraf may have been pushed into declaring State of Emergency because the court was about to rule against his candidacy.

    Update: The Supreme Court set aside the emergency - so the reason for the troops I guess. Troops outside various media outlets (private stations closed) and internal mobile services stopped.
  4. The 1973 Constitution has been suspended does this mean that Pakistan is no longer an Islamic Republic?

    Benazir does not support the suspension of the constitution nor the declaration of emergency - amazing how she had to leave the country just before the declaration of the state of emergency.
  5. Come on, do the Red Mosque MK II, free those troops, and as for the fcuknuts over for a merry jaunt in neighbouring afghanistan, steal all their goats and host a celebrity BBQ with them on telly. And while you're about it, see if you can dig up some Al-Q, they'll be the ones dressed as women fleeing before a fight.

    Even if we've only got a couple of days, we should crack on...
  6. I presume a news blackout will follow while Musharraf gets 'busy'

    Very good point CR , and I can feel a need to wear tinfoil this arvo coming on... :D
  7. Interesting bit of news the Supreme Court ruling barred any official elected or non-elected from taking an oath under the new constitution.
  8. EU condemns the state of emergency imposed by Musharraf :roll:

    Musharraf to address the nation to night.
  9. The EU needs to shut the f*** up on this one.

    Standing by for "impromptu and spontaneous" (hoho) protests by the usual cretins locally :(
  10. The satellite service for Geo TV is still running but I suppose they are under careful watch.
    I wonder what internal TV is showing probably re-runs of that soap.
  11. Right it seems that supreme court and high courts judiciary have lost their jobs, all other institutions stay in place.

    Oh and the great Western hope - Bhutto was coming back to Pakistan but changed her mind.
  12. EU wnak stains need some focus.
  13. Bit of a premature call on Bhutto there chap. She was always intended for an in-out job, as was Pres-Mush's delegation to Saudi (in-out) a few weeks previous.

  14. It seems that in Peshawar - judges and new judges to be are being called into the governor's place to swear their oaths under the new constitution.
    I guess the same thing is happening throughout Pakistan.

    The head of the of the Supreme court association has been arrested, no word yet on the fate of other anti-Musharraf types.
  15. She shouldn't dither, if she feels that it is her destiny to save Pakistan (as she always say) she can't do it in Dubai.