Pakistan puppet masters guide the Taliban killers

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Skynet, Jun 13, 2010.

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  1. From The Sunday Times
    June 13, 2010
    Pakistan puppet masters guide the Taliban killers
    Miles Amoore, Kabul

    THE Taliban commander waited at the ramshackle border crossing while Pakistani police wielding assault rifles stopped and searched the line of cars and trucks travelling into Afghanistan.

    Some of the trucks carried smuggled goods — DVD players, car stereos, television sets, generators, children’s toys. But the load smuggled by Taliban fighter Qari Rasoul, a thickset Pashtun from Afghanistan’s Wardak province, was altogether more sinister.

    Rasoul’s boot was full of remote-control triggers used to detonate the home-made bombs responsible for the vast majority of Nato casualties in Afghanistan. The three passengers sitting in his white Toyota estate were suicide bombers.

    The policemen flagged down Rasoul’s car and began to search it. They soon found the triggers, hidden beneath a bundle of clothes in the back of the estate. They asked him who he was and who the triggers belonged to. “I’m a Taliban commander. They belong to me,” he told them.
  2. One solution would be to pay India to annexe Pakistan. Unfortunately we're broke.
  3. BBC reporting on ISI support for Taliban.

    The risk for Pakistan is that the tail begins to wag the dog. The construction of Taliban to act as proxy forces against India makes little sense when you end up fighting the same Taliban when they try and take over your own country.
  4. Sounds more like Vietnam every day, masses of cash to be made,selling weapons and tech one way, and the shed loads of money from the drugs trade going the other, and thats without the bribery, and corruption,PMCs, international companys and other shite all with heads in the trough, Riddle Scott will probably be next when he makes the film
  5. Quelle surprise.
  6. Tails been wagging the dog for some time. The Pak military looks to me to be severely compromised by the whole taliban movement but it's a different bunch of talibans actively trying to roll Pindi, Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan, and more worryingly various heavily bearded Punjabi outfits that used to be sound ISI political assets. Parts of the Officer Corps are almost certainly complicit.

    However Pindi's got no apparent problems with the Haqqani network. Mullah Omar's Quetta Shura was showing signs of going off reservation by having peace talks with Kabul but the ISI put a stop to that. They lost control of Hezb-e-Islami Gulbuddin in the 90s when they dropped Gulbuddin Hekmatyar for Omar's emergent Taliban.

    Incidentally there's an amusingly psychotic piece on Pakistani Think Tank AN ASSESSMENT OF THE US STRATEGIC PLAN IN AFPAK
  7. Speaking of heavily bearded Punjabi outfits. Jamestown has this Attacks on the Ahmadiya in Lahore Reveal Growth of the Punjabi Taliban By: Arif Jamal
  8. Couldn't we just swamp pakistan with the plague, after all the pakistani's here in the UK have reintroduced TB to the country.
  9. Sounds more like Bradfords carboot sale. Oops shouldnt say that.
  10. Does anyone know where the original LSE article can be found? I'm having a bit of trouble tracking it down... Any help would be massively appreciated. Thanks.
  11. On the LSE website, and there's a PDF file at

    Document title: The Sun in the Sky: The relationship between
    Pakistan’s ISI and Afghan insurgents

    I think the original article was based on an abstract, interest took off faster than they expected, and they were a bit slow posting the main document!
  12. Good heavens above. What a surprise. Who would have thought it. A dirty little not so secret that runs all the way back to the CIA routing stuff through ISI in the days when Russia thought they would have crack at sorting the Afghans out

    Now here is a nice little problem for Obama: US revealed as effectively funding both sides of an ugly war it is wrapped up in rather than try to sort out Pakistan. Ooh dear that will not play well.

    " is hard to see how the international coalition can continue to treat Pakistan as an ally and ‘effective partner’ (US Department of Defense 2010:5).

    Only last December President Obama affirmed that ‘we are committed to a partnership that is built on a foundation of mutual interest, mutual respect and mutual trust.’92. Since 2001 America has provided Pakistan with $11.6 billion in security-related assistance and $6 billion in economic aid.

    It is due to provide at least $7.5 billion dollars of aid over the next five years Pakistani officers are even represented on the Tripartite Joint Intelligence Operation Center situated in ISAF Headquarters in Kabul."

    ".....backing the enemy’s backer – is perhaps a reflection of America’s preoccupation with the threat it faces from Al Qaeda and associated groups, rather than the Afghan Taliban.

    It may reflect a reluctance to confront an unstable, nuclear-armed country
    that faces a serious internal threat from Pakistani Taliban groups. It may also reflect a concern not to jeopardise Pakistani cooperation in preventing terrorist attacks against western targets; or a fear of galvanising extremism among Pakistani immigrant communities.

    Nevertheless, Pakistan appears to be playing a double-game ofastonishing magnitude."
  13. If anybody does follow think link and read the full doc. best advised to have no breakable object nearby. For example:

    "The senior commander said that in every three weeks he would usually spend two in Pakistan and one in Afghanistan. Every month he would receive 60-80 boxes of AK47 rounds and two or three large boxes of grenades and IEDs.

    If he required further supplies or munitions, he would go to the command group (the Haqqanis and former ISI officials) who would issue him with a letter of credit, which he could present to arms dealers in Khost (in south-east Afghanistan) or Miramshah. For operating expenses, he receives a monthly cheque of between 0.5-1 million Pakistani rupees $6-12,000. He believes the money comes from two sources: Gulf Countries, especially Saudi Arabia, that is accessed through the Saudi Bank; and from the ISI, which is accessed from the Islamic Bank of Pakistan, in which the Haqqani network apparently has a representative.

    Indeed, the former claim is corroborated by a recent report that over $920 million has flowed from Saudi Arabian donors to Afghan insurgents, mainly via Waziristan, over the last four years.86

    The district commander described how arms and ammunition would sometimes arrive in his area by trucks, and sometimes by horses, donkeys or camels, which was ‘from the Pakistani military’. He said that they were paid salaries: fighters receive around 9-10,000 Pakistani rupees ($110-120) a month and he, as a commander, receives 15-20,000 Pakistani rupees ($170-220) a month. It is apparently provided through ‘hawala’ (the informal money transfersystem).

    When asked who it came from he replied: ‘The Americans. From them to the Pakistani military, and then to us.’ He was baffled as to why, in his eyes, the Americans were supporting their activities. (In fact, many Afghans believe that the United States is deliberately funding the insurgency. Although this is not credible, it is hardly surprising given America’s massive and sustained support to the Pakistani military.)

    Separately, the commander confirmed that groups receive a reward for killing foreign soldiers, usually $4-5,000 for each soldier killed."