Pakistan orders troops to open fire if US raids

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, Sep 16, 2008.

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  2. If this article is to be believed the Pakistanis opened fire on US helicopters for incursion into their airspace!!!!!

    [/quote]However, Pakistan army chief Gen. Ashfaq Parvez Kayani has said Pakistan will defend its sovereignty "at all cost" and that there is no agreement for America to conduct raids across the frontier.

    On Monday, two Pakistani intelligence officials said several helicopters landed shortly after midnight near Angoor Ada, the same area of the South Waziristan region where the recent U.S. ground raid took place.

    The officials, who asked for anonymity because they are not authorized to talk to media on the record, said Pakistani troops stationed nearby fired warning shots from light weapons. The helicopters departed toward Afghanistan shortly afterward, they said, citing local informants.

    The officials said the helicopters were believed to be American, but provided no evidence.

    Mohammed Noor, a local resident, said he and his family heard helicopters, then gunfire.

    "We are happy that our government and our army has tried to block American helicopters," Noor said by telephone. "If our government helps us, then we can defend ourselves."
  3. How appalling that one out of control rogue nation should violate the territorial integrity of a smaller, weaker democratic country. We should all rush to ask them to join NATO and state that "we are all Pakistanis now !".

    Oh wait, that was Serbia wasn't it. No ? How about Georgia then ? I get confused these days.

    Anyway, just when did AQ get their man into the top slot in the US forces in AFG ? After all, if I was looking to get the country to implode and let their nukes drop into the hands of some hardcore graduates of the more extreme madrassas I couldn't do much better than what's happening now.