Pakistan not a source of terrorism: British diplomat

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Rayc, Sep 9, 2006.

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  1. Rayc

    Rayc RIP

    This is the most extraordinary statement I have ever heard of.

    I have not understood what this British diplomat is stating.

    He says that without Pakistan's support terrorism cannot be defeated and yet in the same breath he says Pakistan is not the source of terrorism.

    Indeed, why state that Pakistan's assistance is required to fight terrorism when it is not the source.

    Therefore, instead of wasting Pakistan's time, shouldn't this British diplomat advice his govt to hit at the source wherever it be?

    He seems to be living in a Fools Paradise. It is most ridiculous of him to think that there can be a treaty with the Taleban by Afghanistan wherein they do not attack the Western forces battling away in Afghanistan!

    Mushaffar is a Moslem and the Taleban may listen to him, but to expect that the Taleban will sign a treaty to not attack what they call the Great White Satan and which is their raison d'etre of existence is most laughable!

    In fact, such statements does disservice to the servicemen who are battling away and dying for the Nation and here is a man who has the gumption to state that Pakistan is not the source. Then, are the terrorists training and administering themselves in Afghanistan iteself? Kasrzai does not think so and neither do the western intelligence agencies.

    And if one reads this in context with the undermentioned, the British diplomat's statement does becomes real odd.

    If the Pakistani Major General's statement is taken a correct (and it should be since the interview was recorded), then it indirectly indicates the Osama is there. If Osama is not the source of terrorism, one wonders who is!
  2. pure nonsense
  3. Not surprising really - Kim Howells is a politician not a diplomat. Anybody expecting common sense/honesty from a politician really is grasping at straws.


  4. I don't want honesty from Kim Howells, I want Kim Howells to die.