'Pakistan is our Israel' - China says

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by pp0470, Oct 29, 2010.

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  1. Interesting. I wasn't even aware of the Pakistan/China relationship.

    China: 'Pakistan is our Israel' - Features - Al Jazeera English
  2. 10 / 10 for barbed Madarin-speak (didja see what I did there?). The Chinese are probably the only nation in the world at the moment capable of reminding America that two can play at games.
  3. Yes but what good does it do China to stand up for Pakistan? Whats in it for them (other than to annoy the yanks?)
  4. Naval bases in the Indian Ocean for starters. Then we've got China being invited in to the Pakistani bit of Kashmere to build the new 'Oriental express' (for freight) so that China can feed ever more resources into itself and stimulate the economy on it's doorstep. Pakistan also provides a neat little way of pissing off the Indians who, broadly by dint of still being technically at war with China (I'll leave you to google that) is a recipient of miscellaneous western bungs and tacit support - what do you think all that aid money is for? Then there's the proximity to Afghanistan, not only a strategic choke point but also confirmed to be sitting on a very very large pile of minerals and possibly oil.

    China loses nothing by doing the above.
  5. Yeah, just pipped me. Pressure on the rival Asian 21st century superpower, a sexy port on the Arabian sea (Gwadar), and a strong grip on a lever that's incredibly important to Anglo-American security... probably enough to be getting along with.

    The obvious counterplay is supporting Turkic/Muslim nationalism in west China, but I guess that's for the future.
  6. The Pakistani military also buys most of its kit from China.
  7. I already knew about China nicking Indias land, but I still don't think Pakistan is any great shakes, Its a Muslim country which may become more extreme as time goes on, It obviously doesnt border China so goods/trade has to be by sea or air. Afghanistan on the other hand is connected to China so it doesnt need Pakistan help in raping it. Does pakistan have any mineral wealth? I can understand Zimbabwe, they will sell out to the highest bidder, Pakistan just seems to be trouble further down the line. As Rumpelstiltskin mentions there are already problems in West China.
  8. ever heard of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia ?

    China has. Pakistan is (or was) a major player in Central Asia; Benazir created the Taliban purely, bizarre though it seems, to secure the passage of Pakistani grapes and mangoes through to the Stans*- a big chunk of its '90s income. It didn't work out well, for us, or even less for her...

    Pakistan may not have much going for it naturally, but it's well-located. Like Flanders throughout European history...
    *OK, and for strategic depth.
  9. Yes it does.


    The Pakistani ruling elite have continued to rule and have continued to accept the highest bidder. No change there and not much different from yer standard African or Asian kleptocracy. I would say that holding the reins of another nuclear power who in turn loosely hold the reins of Afghanistan, which is a stra . . . etc is enough to mitigate further trouble down the line.

    China also shows little sign of losing her grip on her own trouble spots. Unlike the Soviet Union the Chinese are not driven by fragile (and often broken) ideology but rather by pragmatism. They threw the old communist bathwater out already but managed to keep the baby. The Chinese premier is the Emperor in Red.
  10. Not mineral wealth but Pakistan has water and I don't mean the present floods. China may well be up the creek without water if it's attempts to divert and dam quite a lot of it's rivers. Pakistan could well be used to replenish, resupply and steal from Indian rivers. Pipeline through Afg a possibility. Failing that it's the age old, what the fcuk do they want with Pakistan?:strong:

    edit for spelin
  11. Furthermore... China's not a nation adverse to historical self-aggrandisement. We forget (but they don't) that Kashmir was a province of Tibet throughout the Middle Ages (and thus, to Chinese eyes, of China).
  12. Well **** me, I'm supposed to be good at geography as well
  13. Apparently. :-D
  14. Aye, but it's only about 500Km. Hardly worth calling a border:)
  15. Probably the most ethncally-mixed border in Asia: Tajiks, Kalash, Turkic nomads, feckin' Muslim Tibetan merchants... It's a whole new Great Game awaiting a player.