Pakistan intelligence says US gunman is CIA

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, Feb 21, 2011.

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  1. Pakistan intelligence says US gunman is CIA - Yahoo! News

  2. were did I put that tinfoil
  3. Of course it is in Wikipedia long ago

    Raymond Allen Davis diplomatic incident - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Read a (big enough) article to learn about all details (maybe except the most recent events). You may read for example that

    Anybody may look into primary sources.
  4. If it is in Wiki then there is a good chance it never happened
  5. If I can't read a copy in the Moscow State Archives than it never happened and is an imperialist lie to discredit Russia!

  6. No shit Sherlock. In the next gripping Episode - 'ISI sponsors terrorism'
  7. That's a bit like saying Martin McGuinnes is in the British army, he might have been paid some money by us for services rendered but is not us.
  8. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    Does this really require a thread? It's obvious he's intel, just the branch thats debatable. Look at what we knew when this first came out (certainly not in the last few days) -

    Ex-SF boy, non - diplomatic cover but generic embassy post. Carrying a piece, meeting undesirables (Pakistani AQ?), alleged 'robbery', U.S. scuttling as fast as they can to hush it up and make it go away?

    Not exactly brain surgery is it?
  9. I believe that it is something more than an isolated case with an individual. The case significantly spoils relations between the USA and Pakistan. The government in Pakistan is not popular and the wave of riots could come to Pakistan. Why not? As a result the government in Pakistan could fall and ... who know what would happen?

    By the way, Pakistan as Egypt was receiving a big aid from the USA.
  10. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    If you believe that the U.S. is not running Operations counter to the 'official line' in Pakistan (without the Parliamentary or ruling party/families' knowledge - dependent on the place), and for that matter most other countries in the region, then you are not privvy to the way Intelligence operations are run. Especially where you have warring factions in a government, ties to extremist organisations and a fickle historical record of political consistency. Why would the U.S. trust them more than they had to?
  11. Does it fuck- If International Relations were spoiled by insignificant tales of intrigue then do you not think the US would be a tad peeved it was partners with an overtly pro-Taliban intelligence agency in Pakistan who keeps getting caught out supplying weapons and intelligence to our enemies. You naive chopper.
  12. Interesting turn of events, either he was being robbed and shot them, or he wasnt and murdered them. The copper in charge of the case said he was being robbed. The chief of police says its murder.

    Now regardless of what people think of the yanks, and I am no great fan of a CIA agent, supposedly the 2i/c of the CIA station chief in Islamabad stupid enough to murder two fellas in a city street without having his exit strategy worked out exactly? He would just calmly shoot them through the windscreen of his car, get out and take film and photos and then try to drive away in that car?

    Ok the other car which killed the motorcyclist was rushing to get to him, but if that was the getaway car on a planned assassination would a CIA agent go ahead with the assassination if the getaway vehicle werent already in place? bollocks he would he would do it another day.

    But now what? the Pakistanis cant release him to the yanks, the citizens would be in uproar, and what are the yanks going to do if he gets convicted by a Pakistani court? huff and puff for a while, not talk to each other for a while, but what else?

    But the funniest bit for me is the Russian SVR saying that Davis was providing Al Quaeda (Pakistan Braanch) with nuclear fissile material. The SVR in Pakistan really want to be slapping their drug dealers about for supplying them with some wierd trippy shit to make them write that comedy material! Putin needs to be hanging his head in shame that his country are still producing some real muppets in the service of their country!
  13. Mr Davis was leading a diplomatic/septic oligarch vehicle through city traffic.

    Motorcyclist & pillion were unofficial agents of ISI, trailing said diplomatic car. Mr Davis objected to this, by driving even more agressively.

    Local agents flash the legally owned & registered handguns in attempt to assert some control on situation.

    Mr Davis, having never been beaten in a pissing contest, goes all out action hero, shooting the panicking private dicks in the back as they fled. They never drew their weapons.

    Diplomatic car occupants sit and stare in amazement, thinking '**** that coffee WAS strong' before suddenly realize they have to get out of there.

    Not much room in that Lahorre morning traffic - amazing that only one disposable city resident was unavoidable on the escape route.

    Facts may resemble this commentary.
  14. This thread should be renamed 'US says US gunman is CIA'.

    Apparently US media have known for ages, but stayed schtum at the request of the White House. Not so much the Grauniad... so now the sceptics have fessed - the guy is ex SF, now Blackwater/Xe, contracted to the CIA... talk about a PR fecking nightmare.