Pakistan In fight for survival

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Speedy, Feb 15, 2009.

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  1. scarey to think about it, but true!
  2. You mean they "septic tank obama plc" still dont know who they should be paying the billions of $ "BRIBES" too.

    Just like the British in Afgoonistan.

    Pay the locals more NOT to plant Opium plants than they get from the drug = taliban lords.

    If the ISAF forces had just driven there with money and given it to the locals with the promise to pay the same every year NO ISAF soldier would have died and the taliban would be in Pakistan killing loads of pakis saving us the paki problem.

    OH, and the total ammount of money sofar "pished into afgoonistan" is enough to pay EVERY MALE, FEMALE and CHILD ONE MILLION US DOLLARS.

    So ask "JUST WHERE HAS ALL THIS MONEY GONE" ??????????????????

    Or put more simply for those that need it.

    $5000 for information leading to the arrest/death of a taliban soldier.

    $10.000 for information leading to the arrest/death of a taliban low level leader.

    $50.000 for info============================== high level leader.

    $100.000 for the HEAD of the local taliban leader.

    $200.000 for the head of the regional taliban leader.

    $300.000 ========== Named leader.

    need I go on.

    Anyone remember the MOD's latest estimate of the daily cost of operations in afgoonistan??????????????????????????

    need I say any more.
  3. Dont forget that the "latest democratic elected ragheads in pakistan" have been in the NO BRIBES WILDERNESS for MANY YEARS.

    This is the typical message to the FO (who probable arranged the "language") that its time to grease the wheels of the "NEW ADMINISTRATION" in Pakistan.

    After all the British gobment give between £200 and 500 MILLION UK POUNDS to INDIA without asking for a detailed placement of this money.

    Just like live aid, red cross, red crescent, paki aid, save the children, christian aid who send money and goods to pakistan. A LARGE percentage of this money/food/cloths are given to maddrasses.
    These same maddrasses produce the suicide bomber children that are killing our soldiers and any civilians that are in the way.

    I just cannot believe that some "SO CALLED" educated people ( and have served time in afgoonistan) who frequent this website still believe in cloud cookoo land.
  4. OK. I was expecting an serious discussion (well, to begin with anyway!) about the effects on major asian power who appear to have been infiltrated at many levels by a hard line islamic movement (ideology?), not that that hasn't proberbly always been the case in Pakistan.
    Not a rant about where various UK govt donations have ended up! Besides, there ar evary sound economic reasons for not giging everyone in Afg a million dollars each, or simply giving farmers money for not growing opium, not least the question 'Are we going to keep giving them money forever?' Giving free money is nice for them, but in the UK we have learnt (are learning) the bitter lesson that making people dependant on handouts that demand an almost zero return leads to massive depency. How will you get afgan farmers back to work (and more particularly what on Earth would they produce that the rest of the region would want?).

    Anyway, back to Pakistans problem. How do you begin to fight an internal enemy who has infiltrated you to such an extent that many the very people you set out to catch them are quite possibly sympahisers or followers of the Taliban? Imagine what would have happened if the IRA had members at all levels of govt and the armed forces? Nasty times for Pakistan methinks.