Pakistan Helping the Taliban Who'd have Thought It

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by CigarIsland, Feb 1, 2012.

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  1. BBC News - Pakistan is helping Afghan Taliban, says Nato report

    The bottom part of the article will not make good reading to those who've served/currently serving in Afhgan but at the sametime won't come as a shock or a surprise.....

    Just in case you can't be arrsed to read the article the bottom portion reads like this:-

    The report has evidence that the Taliban are purposely hastening Nato's withdrawal by deliberately reducing their attacks in some areas and then initiating a comprehensive hearts-and-minds campaign.

    It says that in areas where Isaf has withdrawn, Taliban influence has increased, often with little or no resistance from government security forces. And in many cases, with the active help of the Afghan police and army.

    When foreign soldiers leave, Afghan security forces are expected to take control.

    However according to the report, rifles, pistols and heavy weapons have been sold by Afghan security forces in bazaars in Pakistan.
  2. Our beloved leader Mr David Cameron likes to increase the financial aid to that unwashed Bin I do hope he see's sense in stopping all payments from here on in Oh wait he's too ****ing stupid to even consider that !!!
  3. Thread already in the intelligence cell old chap.
  4. Not sure a article on the BBC NEWS WEBISTE comes under the catergory of should be re titled making shit up since 1940....
  5. Is anybody in the least bit suprised?

    Pull out now. Give them **** all aid and ban Pakistanis from entering the UK.
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  6. +1 Unfortunately, we all know that isn't going to happen though.
  7. They are after all "Our Boys" according to the ISI...
  8. Yeah - that'll work because we've seen how easy it is for our new government to tighten up border controls.

    Do we pull out now, or next week? Shall we abandon all the kit, hand it to the Taliban or just destroy it in Theatre? How do we manage the evacuation - just run to the airhead, hope all the Tristars are working and hope for the best? Shall we ask our allies to mount a rearguard action as we pull out?

    When Afghanistan collapses into an even more backward and broken Nation, do we look the other way or try to seal the borders to contain the problem?

    What's the worse that could happen anyway? Pakistan becoming a fundamental Islamic nuclear state ruled by the Taliban. Hey - how could that be a problem?

    Pakistan has factions that sympathise with the Taliban - that is not news. If we want the Pakistanis to fight the Taliban then we should help a Western-orientated dictator take control again. Otherwise - suck it up and accept that we will never get full Pakistani support. Doing politics with Pakistan will never be perfect - its a****ed up country; trying to see things in a US black and white, good/evil context doesn't work. If they have a Taliban led Afghanistan on their doorstep, things will only get worse. Pakistan's problems invariably get exported - one way or another.
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  9. Not forgetting to send those that are already here & their offspring back if they continue to agitate/plot against the UK or cause similar troubles!
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  10. does anybody know just how much we send pakistan in aid?
  11. Not sure about us, but USA cut off $500 million last year (iirc), and that was like a drop in the ocean...
  12. Too much.
  13. As much as Im all for the COIN approach, I would dearly love to see the FATA nuked, to create a buffer between Pakistan and Afghanistan, then utilise other routes of resup into the North of Afghanistan.
  14. Not exactly news then lol.
  15. stop the aid............infact **** em sure the money could be used for better things...........our armed forces for a start.........schools.....nhs....rant rant rant