Pakistan floods: Taliban vows to kidnap foreign aid workers

The Pakistan Taliban is planning to kidnap foreign aid workers delivering assistance in the aftermath of devastating floods, according to an American diplomatic official.
"According to information available to the US government, [Pakistan militant group] Tehreek-e-Taliban plans to conduct attacks against foreigners participating in the ongoing flood relief operations in Pakistan," the official said.

"Tehreek-e-Taliban also may be making plans to attack federal and provincial ministers in Islamabad," the official told the AFP news agency on condition of anonymity.
Pakistan floods: Taliban vows to kidnap foreign aid workers - Telegraph
See all that money was well donated.
They are in a nice spot though, they can claim it was Allah's will, then kill anyone that helps as they were 'spreading Christianity' or similar, and then when everyone in that area then dies of sewage or similar they can say they were trying to help but no one else did....


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Never mind after a week with most of the boring cnuts who work for aid agencies and having to ship in a diet of Lentils for Tarquin and Rowentta to live on the Taliban will soon hand them back
Watch out for suicide rate amongst the Taliban going through the roof

Have we sent any firemen out two birds with one stone and al that as the cutback begin?
oh well thats another load of do-gooders out of the way,though of course will it be down to the west to then rescue these idiots
And another dull, bone, thoroughly unpleasant fuckwit joins the site and feels free to use the CA thread as a graffiti wall - ****.

Trying to help 20 million people who have been overwhelmed by a perfect storm of natural disaster and who happen to be in a country whose stability is of vital importance to our national security interests seems like both the decent and the sensible thing to do.
That's a good idea actually, if the Taliban kinapped the fireshirkers they'd soon be sleeping 18hrs a day, balloting to strike and stopping IEDs and suicide bombs on H&S grounds,we'd have the war won in no time.
Perfect excuse for the Septics, under the auspices of the UN, to "protect" the aid workers and convoys and set up a permanent garrison on the Northwest Frontier. In fact, why not go the whole hog and invade Pakistan, it's on the verge of a military coup anyway.

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