Pakistan fires on US helicopters - again!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by whitecity, Sep 25, 2008.

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  1. Bear in mind this incident is not the first and is simply becoming more frequent. A week or so ago, the US ran a heli-assault across the border and the Pakistan military have made clear they will no longer countenance border incursions by US (NATO forces.

  2. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Firing on an ally? makes a change from bombing their own and our own troops!
  3. I was reading something the other day about a Brit blue which had us firing at USMC. The error was recognised almost immediately but the Marines then fired a whole load of $s at the Brits. In a post-mortem, the Marines were very gung ho "Anyone at all who fires at us - we shoot straight back. Regardless"
    So, one day Pakistan border forces will open fire on a USMC chopper?
  4. So the US have ignored a recognised state border, have crossed that border without permission and actively engaged in operations across that border?

    If I were Pakistan, I'd do the same in, oh say Hawaii and see what the spetics reaction would be. :roll:

    Seems only some international rules apply to the Yanks. If they carry on like this, they shouldnt expect to be suprised if they get a bloody nose again.

    If the yanks want to take out the hotbed of terrorism, they should invade Birmingham.
  5. It's the 'Cambodia syndrome' that bothers me... :x
  6. Flashheart says - So the US have ignored a recognised state border, have crossed that border without permission and actively engaged in operations across that border?

    The Western alliance said - its aircraft had not crossed into Pakistani airspace when they came under fire over Khost province, news agency AP reports
  7. Pakistan is well within their rights to shoot at anything violating their airspace.
    I expect most countries would shoot at a foreign power crossing their border with the intent of doing harm
  8. And thats believable right? :roll:

    Of course the yanks will publicly admit that they have controvened international law. ;)

    At least we had Op Reporter when we fecked up and went south of the border in NI. ;)
  9. Is there any chance of setting up an arrangement with the Pakistani Government of the type that used to exist between us and the Republic of Ireland i.e searches for command wires etc did not necessarily have to stop dead at the border provided certain strict conditions were met? Is something like this in place already?
  10. All that will happen is that the Yanks will fly bigger planes which fly higher up. Them old 303s wouldn't reach would they?
  11. I believe on this occasion the helis had NOT crossed the border and that the Pakistan military were firing warning shots to discourage them from doing so. A sort of, "come if you think you're hard enough". :)

    However, this more forceful stance by the Pakistanis is due to previous illegal border incursions by the US military and a endingless stream of illegal overflights by US UAVs dropping kinetic munitions on Pakistani soil.
  12. Have to agree with Flashy with this - the whole point is the border is disputed so whatever you (anyone) believe is irrelevant really. If the border was a clear line 'in the sand' then no problem, one side right, the other wrong. Unfortunately in cases like this both sides are right, both sides are wrong - depending on what side you're on of course...............

    This making any sense to anyone but me?? :wink:
  13. Illegal UAV's are legally controlled from the ground inside Pakistan by Legal Illegals on deniable ops who are after the Taliban, who are in fact themselves Illegal:

    Pakistan are saying that this was a dispersal of flares, not small arms fire, and that the Kiowas were just a little close to the border. An unfortunate misunderstanding says the brass; but should the worse happen and Pakistan downs a couple of choppers then I expect Pakistan will be mightly upset at the repurcusions to say the least.

    Speaking kinetically of course, Pakistan still has until Christmas to hand over the goods so to speak which is why they're going hell for leather for it at the moment in the Bajaur Agency knowing fine well the clocks-a-ticking... and the Talib shite hocks and Al-Q **** pots are pouring in there, loads of networks of tunnels, homes burned to the ground, dug in for defence, proper scorched earth...

    THIS incident is chicken feed.
  14. Eh????

    The Pakistan authorities have made public that they fired warning shots at US helicopters approaching the border not crossing or over the border.

    I don't disagree with Flashy either, all I'm doing is pointing out that Pakistan - on this occasion - was firing warning shots to deter, not engaging in a firefight with US forces who had illegal crossed the border. The Pakistanis have laid a marker that they will not tolerate cross-border raids any longer.

    There is a BIG difference between the two.
  15. Is US deliberately encouraging anti-US/NATO sentiments both in Afghanistan and Pakistan to up the tensions in the region, whip up patriotic feelings at home and distract public attention from mounting domestic problems?