Pakistan fighting for survival

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Pararegtom, May 9, 2009.

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  1. Pararegtom

    Pararegtom LE Book Reviewer

  2. There is some truth in saying that Pakistan is fighting for survival. I hope it wins and forces the militants out of Pakistan and then prevents their return. More than just Pakistan is at risk here.

    Imagine AQ/Taleban with nukes. Do you doubt that they would use them?
  3. I think there is now a chance to finish TB and AQ if everyone works together with Pakistan.But it will need funding and commitment from all the Governments involved.
  4. seaweed

    seaweed LE Book Reviewer

    To what extent (qn for those who know the area better) are the Pak army and Int infiltrated by fundamentalist sympathisers/sleepers?
  5. The Pak army does not like fighting The Taliban, many of them are after all are cherished strategic assets of Lahore's finest. The army exists to ward off the Hindu Infidel while heroically lining its senior officers deep pockets not this internecine dirty work.

    While Pakistan may fragment it's hard to imagine the Taliban actually getting to rule the place. Their puritan regime was a pretty uncomfortable fit with much of traditional Afghan society. As foreign as Communism in some ways. They are even more alien to the Punjab, see article below. Stranger things have happened of course, few had their money on Khomeini's gloomy revolution after the Shah fell and it is still trudging doggedly along.

    What's more likely is in this chaos the staunchly Islamist end of the officer corps takes charge. Cuts a deal with their Taliban mates. Basically guaranteeing their rear basing and supply chain for their Jihad against the Farangi in the North. It wouldn't actually be that inconsistent with the current results of our dear ally Mushies policies. I do wonder how much of this has been a charade for DC's benefit.

    Mind, the Pak officer corps are pretty scary in their own right. They have a history of atrocity that makes the Taliban look like boy scouts. Their idea of unifying the country may well involve starting a proper ruck with India.

    From Col Lang's blog:
  6. What's all this 'Pak Army' bollocks?

    Surely 'Paki Army' is short for Pakistani Army considering 'Paki' is short for 'Pakistani'?

    Are you's afraid of upsetting the PC brigade? What's becoming of this country FFS!
  7. As ever, thanks for your posts alib!
  8. Pak Army is the conventional abbreviation on the subcontinent.
  9. Sunshine as in tactical nuke sunshine?

    Get me the launch codes
  10. No it's not. It's just the internet not wanting to use the word 'Paki'.
  11. Do India and Pakistan have tactical nukes?

    I assumed they'd both just go for as much sunshine as possible....

  12. Ah yes as in "Paki barsteward", a colloquial British English designation for all the peoples of the Indian subcontinent.

    This term is not much in use in policy circles as it is:
    a) imprecise and
    b) only favored by retarded kunts and royalty
  13. Pakistan has brought this upon itself. The madrasses, TB & AQ recruiting centres period. Giving into terrorism with the swat valley. Eveb Blair who gave into the IRA did not hand them XMG. Back in 2002 when we did have TB on the back foot however they were in all but name given refuge in Pakistan. Post 7/7 we could have put some pressure on Pakistan, instead we tried to appease sorry engage with the home grown communities not very succeswsfully I might add.
    Benazir Bhutto (brilliant lady) could have been the answer but after she was topped her legacy was not followed up. Now Pakistan has a weedy appeasing government, who promotes cowardice (checkout the recent police and the cricket team a few months back). Why should their Army act in any different way?
    It might be more politically correct for a UN Army (If one exists) to clear out the insurgents, but they will have to have a mandate to rectify some of the problems that Pakistan has brought upon itself.
  14. On Jamestown Taliban Leader Mullah Nazir Defends Jihad in South Waziristan
    These fellas have been really buying into the Ayman al-Zawahiri's far enemy rhetoric lately. The Taliban used to be just ISI paid stoutly xenophobic God botherers with a very Pashtun focus. This is worrying if they actually are spreading their popular base in the cosmopolitan Pakistani population. A chaotic and protracted war amongst the people is another possibility.

    If devoutly Buddhist Vietnamese peasantry can be converted over to Maoism by a full rice bowls, the odd exemplary execution and lots of shouting who is to say another revolutionary agenda might not eventually seeded on the unpromising social terrain of the Punjab by similar methods?

    Also on Jamestown Europol Report Describes Afghanistan-Pakistan Connection to Trends in European Terrorism
    At the moment our military efforts North of the Durand Line are peripheral to the main conflict. What amounts to a civil war spreading out of FATA and into Pakistan proper.

    This isn't Iraq, a distant conflict over resources and alliances. Our relationship with this bit of the world can be compared with that of France to Algeria. Socially the Punjab is practically the near abroad of the UK and to a lesser extent Canada.

    There are about 200,000 Pashtuns resident in the UK, there are over two million Punjabi's (80% Muslim), that's the bulk of the UK's relatively small Muslim population. My expectation is this population will generally react as France's Algerians did to the bloody internecine Takfiri war of the 90s, they''ll be disgusted at the zealots bone headed brutality and spurn the raving beards for decades. Some however will be radicalized by what they'll see as a Western proxy war. The "Pissed Off Iraqi" effect only in Bradford or Bolton.
  15. alib, what are, in your opinion, the chances of that happening? This IS the difference between homogeneous Persia and Pakistan and the key to the outcome of these worrying developments.

    I think the EU spends more on the protection of French regional frog-leg marinade production rights... :x