Pakistan 'father of bomb' set for pardon

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by PartTimePongo, Feb 5, 2004.

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    You know, a few years ago, a scientest was whacked by a Mossad Black team, for designing a Super Gun for the Iraqis. How come this guy is still alive and well, and tooling about the place?

    I notice that Iraq didn't seem to be on the list. :roll:
  2. Thats a really good point about Iraq, ever get the feelin your only hearing half the story :?:
  3. Like most things these days, the Sanitised version. :roll:
  4. nice to know the the huddled masses arent trusted to make their own minds up!
  5. Quite a paradox that a country where many people still live in glorified mud huts, aspire to ( and achieve) nuclear weapons. Ditto India. Priorities anyone?

    Kahn acted independently? My arrse. Hopefully some intrepid journalist will expose a lot more than anyone in Pakistan's hierarchy is letting on. However all the journos are too busy trying to discredit the usual bogeymen, none of them non European.

    PTP wrote:
    Maybe Pakistan doesn't beat its chest and threaten Israel. Anyway, it's early days.