Pakistan: "back to the stone age"

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by whitecity, Sep 22, 2006.

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  1. Link to original story here: CBS 60 minutes

    So. Yet another similarity between the rhetoric and actions of the Israelis vis-a-viz Lebanon and US Foreign 'Diplomacy' in action.
  2. Thought the same myself.
  3. would not take that much ordinance though.
  4. Look at the dates on this - shortly after 11 Sep 01. Remember how the world was then? So the spams played diplomatic hardball with a military dictatorship that has continually shielded (unofficially of course) the extremists supporting Al Qaeda, and forced them to declare their allegiance. "With us or against us".

    Whilst I'm no fan of GWB's continuing world tour and our role as the supporting act, I'm not going to fake indignation over US threatening the Pakistanis, just to take cheap shots at the spams.

    As an after thought: "Ludicrous demands"? What, like stop exporting terror, you're supposed to be on our side?
  5. This is just realpolitik - would you guys have preferred to have had them on the other side?
  6. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    Ah -thought you were announcing that Pakistan had adopted Sharia Law.

    Now that really would be the stone age.

    However I agree wholeheartedly with TMW's assessment. Pakistan had to brought onside fast after the Twin Towers.
  7. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    I remember thinking at the time what threats were made for Pakistan to be so co-operative towards the US. But lets face it any country would have acted the same given the scale of the attack on the US. Is anyone really surprised!
  8. True, true TWW

    But they could have been brought on-sde more subtly: I understand that at the same time the Brits were trying to lure Musharraf on side, with a rather generous offer of a semi in Harrow Weald... and... wait till you get this... permission to bring his direct family with him too.
  9. Mr Musharraf responded to the US threats by saying "if we want our culture advanced to stone age levels we will do it without American assistance" :wink:
  10. Still bully boy antics.
  11. Aaawwww, diddums ;)
  12. We threatened to bomb a country with NUCLEAR WEAPONS back to the stone age? I think you'll find the major oil installations in Saudi, Iran and the Straits are all in their radius of action, no?
  13. Just heared an extensive interveiw with Armitage about this subject, he denies it very convincingly, the bloke he was alledged to have said it to was sacked as a pro talib ISI drone a very weeks after. I believe Armitage, this is simply spin to sell the book.
  14. Also why not say it sooner, speaks very poorly of musharraf's personality.

    Either hes a liar
    or a wimp
    or both.

    I don't trust a man who aparanty begins to develop a spine the moment he's selling a book.
  15. So who's lying? Armitage, the former ISI Director or Musharraf? They can't all be telling the truth!

    Now, if it was the former ISI Director, it seems a strange way to help his supposed Taleban friends by persuading his boss to side with the US....