Pakistan Army threatens to reduce ties with the US after Bin laden raid

Sky news are reporting the Pakistan army have anounced they will be reveiwing ties with the us after the Bin laden raid.
does that mean Bin Ladens successor can stay inside the academy ?
I think Pakistan would make a great area for the rest of the world to practice their decontamination skills.
Well they have had the 18 Billion Dollars from the US for looking after, ops sorry looking for Bin Liner So I suppose they don't need any more cash.

Well for now anyway. Cos if they do the can always play the wild Nuc card

Like last time

And the time before:)
But how will the Pakistani's be able to afford their massive army and their on going paranoid fancy that the Indians are secretly out to get them? They might even have to cut their funding of terrorist groups or is that ringfenced?
I think Pakistan would make a great area for the rest of the world to practice their decontamination skills.
I couldn't agree more. Self-serving lazy thieving untrustworthy fanatical hypocrites.

We should probably ask for our £680 million in aid back, seeing as the likelihood of them actually fighting terrorism is slim to none. It serves their state desires too well to quash it, the odd VBIED and Bn level sweep through the NWFP is definitely worth the billions of Greenbacks that Uncle Sam sends over every year.
I imagine its just hot air to appease those that aren't impressed with the US wandering slotting the prick and wandering off again.

They'll be sucking Obama off with their hands out in a month or so.
Cutting ties with Pakistan is like not sending ian huntly a Christmas card.

No ties, no aid.
The dilemma is if the US and UK governments stopped giving aid to Pakistan would they then turn to the extremists that are within various parts of the Pakistan set up.

we have on one hand the Pakistan army mounting large scale ops against the Tali ban while at the same time there Intelligence service provide aid and assistance to the very same people
The Chinese will take up the slack if the US withdraws financial aid.
They will to an extent but it won't be the blank cheque that Uncle Sam hands over, the Chinese know exactly what Pakistan is and how it works, they have no illusions about supportuing human rights or an open democratic society.

Edited to add; the news (both left and right) keeps saying that only 1% of Pakistan pays tax hence their huge Military only really exists because of Western aid, thus the Pakistani Defence Dept has a vested interest in keeping the 'War on Terror' & Afghanistan almost boiling as a way to keep meeting the payroll.

Beijing won't be taken in by that gambit; providing a strategic balance against India - yes, destablising the whole region as a way of justifying your existance - no.

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