Pakistan army in contact with Mullah Omar...

The way to rid the world of this nuisance is to kill him. simple as that. He ran out on the Afghan people back in 2001, why should anyone want to follow him? We knew that he was hiding in the Paki border region back then but we did fcuk all about it. Now we are paying the cost with British lives. These miserable people can probably be bought, has anyone tried? The most successful counter insurgency campaigns have relied upon this tactic in the past with devastating effect. Nasty trick perhaps but it does produce results for us in the long run.
It may also be something to do with Qadaffis groups in Libya disassociating themselves from Al'Qaeda. I think they were called LIF or something, but they do not support the use of suicide bombers or striking against civilians.

I'll have to trawl through the papers and link the article it was very interesting.


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