Pakistan approves Sharia law in Swat Valley.

I know it's only 1 particular media sources & it will be interesting how this situation develops as the Pakistan Government continue to deny the Taliban are in full control of this region, however from another story & what people make of it is there own view:

"were sick of this war"

The Afghanistan/Pakistan debate continue's

It's only a matter of months ( maybe) NOT years IMO before we see how the Pakistan government will deal with this

But even more concerning is this:

Interesting development
Big deal. There are countries (Saudi Arabia for example) where the sharia law is in force now and nobody cares. And the beacon of democracy pres. Karzai does his best to promote the sharia law as well.

What is the problem? Tribesmen wish to live according to their customs on their land. They don't demand that the West must accept the sharia law.
The key will be which way the Pakistani army goes. It's likely to come to a head when Islamabad is threatened. If that place falls so will the government, and the army will have to chose. If they side with Sharia, expect millions of people to flee Pakistan.

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