Pakistan and the Taliban

Four persons killed in bomb blast in NWFP

According to Dawn, four civilians were killed and eight others sustained injuries when a vehicle of the National Rural Support Programme struck a roadside explosive device in the Ushu Valley, near the tourist resort of Kalam in the Swat district of North West Frontier Province (NWFP) on August 13.

Meanwhile, the local Taliban handed over control of Darra Adam Khel to the government after a jirga (assembly) assured them that there would be no more criminal and ‘un-Islamic’ activities in the area. "The Taliban have given up control of Darra Adam Khel after the jirga assured them that it would take action against anti-social elements and un-Islamic activities in the area," Senator Abdur Raziq from Darra told Daily Times on August 13. He said that according to the agreement, the Taliban would retake control of Darra Adam Khel if the jirga or the local administration failed to fulfil their promise.

Darra Adam Khel is the famous arms making centre.

Is the North West Frontier Province of Pakistan effectively Taliban controlled?
Haven't Afghans had rather a lot of influence i the area since the Soviet invasion when millions of them buggered off (repeated when we invaded)? I think there are tribal connections that cross the border as well.
Ex-Stab wrote:

Is the North West Frontier Province of Pakistan effectively Taliban controlled?
From what I've read...

The NWFP region has never really been controlled by anyone. There's a lot of different tribes and they sprawl across the border between Pak and Afghanistan. They usually fight each other unless they're being attacked from outside in which case they all team up. The taliban are a sort of cross-tribal force set up initially by Pakistan's shady types but can't get anywhere without the support of the tribes. The tribes tolerate them but don't support them fully (at the moment).

The Pakistani army attacks on the NFWP and the US attacks on the Afghan border will make the tribes team up with the Taliban if the tribes see it as themselves coming under attack or if they think the end game is them being ruled by anyone but themselves.

Keeping the taliban seperate from the bulk of the pashtu tribes seems to me to be the most important thing. Finding out which tribes are most pro-taliban and then bribing their traditional enemies to attack them might be a good tactic.

Probably be a lot of good tips in books about how the empire dealt with that region in the past.

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