Pakistan and Democracy

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by muhandis89, Feb 16, 2008.

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  1. Most certainly

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  3. Spiralling downwards towards.....

  1. On the eve of 'democratic' elections in Pakistan-what can we expect? Since this country is a key to logistics supply to ISAF,we should be interested!
  2. Only way Pakistan's headed for democracy is via a seriously unpleasant civil war. Downer, man.
  3. Most Pakistanis aspire to something rather like the lightly Islamist representative democracy that has emerged in Turkey in the past few years as. It took the best part of a century for the Turks to tackle the army's corrupt grip on power.

    The Pakistan military however is a greater obstacle. It is split; most being either firmly behind the semi-feudal status quo while a significant minority are fanatically committed to a full blown Talibanization of the country. There will be blood.
  4. Islam doesn't do Democracy anywhere. Never has, never will.
  5. Are you having a Steffi Graf?
  6. God knows what to expect. Pakistan seems to have plenty of internal conflicts.
    I hope they sort them out as it could be a decent country.
  7. Civil war's highly likely, IMO, with fragmentation a la Balkans on the cards to boot. One passing impression I've got is that it's a familiar case - divided broadly between urbanites who'd like to see a more secular form of Government; those hard-line Islamists who want an Islamic state after the Saudi model; and a vast majority who just want the others to bugger off and leave them in peace.

    I was also surprised at the amazingly broad ethnic mix the place has. I can't help but feel that has a bearing on events. The poorest quarters of Karachi seemed to be populated by people who looked more 'Indian' than the well off parts, for example.
  8. My eperience of Pakistan was somewhat similar. A country with plenty of extremes. From very well educated and high earners to piss-poor ignorant people. A bit like the UK in that way. There is good chance that your prediction will come to light as the modernists and traditionalists are almost certain to clash and plenty people there seem willing to use violence to settle an argument.
  9. It's on a handcart to hell.

    Should be interesting fighting a rearguard action back to the airstrips.
  10. Pakistan always was democratic

    As long as you could speak and write English (the national language)

    Oh I forgot the poor were not taught anything and many lived way beyond the poverty line (have some terrible memories and pictures from Karachi)

    Is there still an ISAF log base in Pakistan I thought I was one of the last there in 2002