Pak Update - Ultimatum issued

With NATO & ISAF troops increasingly massed at the borders, after a recent breach of a remote northern outpost and subsequent US withdrawl, and the Afghan govt openly blaming Pakistan ISI for backing kashmiri militants held responsibile for recent assasination attempt on Afghan president and the bombing of the Indian embassy... tempreatures are reaching a summer boiling point inside Pakistan:

The Taliban have given an ultimatum to Pakistan: leave Peshawar within five days or face the consequences

The Pak press are litteraly all a frenzy with speculation on what will occur, with one correspondant even suggesting a radical solution, cede Fata to NATO administration a la Kosovo

Should the Taliban pitch battle in Peshawar in the coming days and weeks, will that be the straw the breaks the llamas back? Will they even bother to wait for Op Obama?
Damn! I'm supposed to be going to Peshawar and Quetta at the tag-end of August. I guess I'd better practice those contact drills, then.

It's a hell of a shame. I really like Pakistan, apart from Karachi which is an enormous shithole. It's a really nice place with really nice people. I hope these nutjobs get put back in their box soon. I can't believe Muhammad-in-the-street has any interest in living in an Islamic theocracy and I'd hate to see it imposed on them.
Sooner or later a major attack will happen (and by major I mean several thousand dead) that will be directly tracable back to North-West Pakistan, and ther will be no choice but to go in. I'm loathed to support the idea that expanding any war is the solution to winning, but I don't see how it's a avoidable in the long run.

As for what you do if you had to deal with all of Pakistan? The nausia is setting in already. That being said, Peshawar isn't the be-all and end all, as the article suggests. Lose Islamabad though, and all bets are off. Best bet would to create a 'Free Pakistan' state centred the south of the country, and set up some sort of UN-Pakistan force to press north.

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