Paisley Under Fire for Employing Son

02/21/08 15:17 EST

A complaint has been made to the British parliamentary
standards commissioner about Northern Ireland First Minister
Ian Paisley employing his son as a researcher.

Ian Paisley Jnr was receiving a salary from his father's
Westminster allowance of between GBP£9,000 and GBP£11,000.

He was receiving the payment as well as £62,000 a year for
his posts as a NI junior minister and an MLA.

Commissioner John Lyon will examine the complaint before
deciding whether it merits a full investigation.

Mr Paisley Jnr has been working as a research assistant for
his MP father since 1998.

Meanwhile, East Londonderry MLA and MP Gregory Campbell has
confirmed he is renting a constituency office in Coleraine
from his wife.

Mr Campbell is using assembly allowances to pay more than
£12,000 per year to his wife for use of a property in the
town's Bushmills Road.

Paying relatives for rent is not allowed under Westminster
rules, but is permitted by rules governing Stormont.

Last weekend, it was revealed Ian Paisley Jnr was paying
rent on a property owned by a company directed by his

A total of 81 family members are employed by the DUP.

Following is a list of the DUP representatives who employ
family members:

# Gregory Campbell, wife (full-time);

# Nigel Dodds, wife (full-time) and son (part-time);

# Jeffrey Donaldson, wife (part-time);

# William Hay, son-in-law (full-time);

# William Irwin, daughter (full-time);

# Nelson McCausland, nephew (part-time);

# Ian McCrea, wife, (part-time);

# William McCrea, son and daughter (full-time);

# Michelle McIlveen, brother (full-time);

# Adrian McQuillan, sister-in-law (full-time);

# Maurice Morrow, sister-in-law (full-time);

# Robin Newton, wife (full-time) and son (part-time);

# Edwin Poots, wife (part-time);

# Ian Paisley Snr, son (part-time) and two daughters

# George Robinson, son (full-time) and nephew (part-time);

# Iris Robinson, son (full-time) and daughter-in-law

# Peter Robinson, son (full-time) and daughter (full-time);

# Jimmy Spratt, wife (part-time);

# Jim Wells, daughter (part-time).
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