Paisley Jnr resigns

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Countryman, Feb 18, 2008.

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  2. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    A pollie that does the right thing, and that one in particular. Stands back in amazement. 8O
  3. Sure and he resigned cause Big Daddy Ian pushed him to. There's more to this, I am betting, then meets the eye.

    "I can't express strongly enough that I am not going because of some hidden or some revealed wrongdoing," he said.

    When a politico says this, or they are 'taking time to be with their family', I cannot help but be sceptical.
  4. Just for info I heard that this was due to him lobbying for a Creationist centre in N.Ireland somehwere and using his influence to speed the process through.
  5. GB - that sounds very, very juicy. Are you sure it is not the Giant's Causeway visitor's centre?

    If it is over a creationist-centre I'd appreciate more info. If you have owt could you PM me?
    Cheers SH
  6. However if he'd murdered, bombed, extorted..... no problemo fella, never mind about your shady past. Cynical, me? The one refreshing thing is that it could just be the start of "proper" politics here if this is the type of thing our politicians are being brought up for these days.
  7. Cheers GB... have done some reading now. I didn't realise that there was a push for a creationist spin at the Sweeney's proposed centre.

    Scary! ah well - it looks like us evolutionary biologists can sleep a little easier in NI tonight.
  8. This is what helped do for him, along with lobbying for a reduced sale price of some other publicly owned land on behalf of Sweeney plus some
    grubby deals involving Sweeney. Very grubby indeed

    Paisley's office is owned by father-in-law's firm

    Junior Minister Ian Paisley Jnr last night confirmed that his taxpayer-subsidised constituency office is owned by a company headed by his father-in-law.

    The MLA also disclosed that the rental expenses he and First Minister father claim from the Assembly for the premises will add up to "at most" £56,000 per year.

    He disputed reports that their combined total was £62,000, but the figure is still greater than sums claimed by other MLAs.

    Mr Paisley Jnr said his father-in-law replaced developer Seymour Sweeney as sole director of the firm that bought the building last year.

    While he has stressed that Mr Sweeney received no rent from the property, the link has reignited controversy over the MLA's long-term lobbying for the businessman.

    Stormont sources were last night questioning his future as a Minister, despite the continued support of his father. One DUP Assembly source told the Belfast Telegraph that the party was "sick to the back teeth" of the situation.
  9. Knew there was more to this - well, he is not known as the brightest bulb in the chandelier...
  10. Got any links SH?
    I hadn't seen anything in the dead tree version of the Tele.

    EDIT. Fack me! Never mind mate, its all just a google away.