Paisley and Adams take a giant step..

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Litotes, Mar 27, 2007.

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  1. I never thought I would see these two sharing a table, although the smiles look a little forced:

    Paisley & Adams

    Matt in the Telegraph sums it up very well in his cartoon about hell freezing over - but I can't find a way to link to it!

  2. So many photos in the press this morning and all are crying out for captions to be added.

    Adams still seems to be laughing but I still think Paisley will be dead within the year because of this. :cyclopsani:
  3. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    I like the fact that all the dates set have been in tune with our Tony's leaving office, including Paisley's new one. Both these buggers are spiteful enough to make damn sure that the 8th May or whatever isn't met and whatever date they do agree on will be after Tony goes, just to spoil his leaving party.

    Anyone willing to give me odds against this?
  4. [​IMG]
  5. The only giant steps I want these two to take are into a minefield, or off a very large cliff. If they do so together or seperately I really do not care.
  6. At 81, Paisley is astonishing. But I have a feeling that conflict and opposition are the fuels that have kept him going over the decades, and that the more mundane business of government may wear him down - and possibly out.

    But the old boy has an un-put-down-able quality that has surprised us all before . . . .

    Adams, of course, is warming to the role of Statesman.
  7. To the Rev Dr Ian Paisley MP MEP MLA....

    1. Never say never!

    2. Lose the hat, you lock like a mafia don!
  8. Totally agree,Paisley hates Blair with a passion and is quite open about it.Somehow i can sense a twist to the story yet.
    Theres no way old man Paisley will let Blair take any credit for this before he leaves office!!
  9. 1. Rev. ? - Bogus. "Ordained" by his father.
    2. Dr.? - Bogus. Not from any recognised university.
    3. MP MEP MLA - Genuine, thanks to democracy.
    4. That hat. Fedora. "Sounds like a papist wurd! Quick, burn thon hat of mine, Eileen!"
  10. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    How has the Government managed to somehow ensure that the politics of Ulster has polarised so severely? Whatever happened to the middle-ground Parties - the SDLP, the old-style Unionists, etc? They were the only ones in favour of peace a few years ago, but they have ben driven out by the rise (courted by nulab) of extremists.

    While 'peace' is wonderful, why has it brought into power such disrebutable people?
  11. ROFLMAO :headbang:
  12. Because due to the "concessions" apparantly made on both sides(i still think that the UUP went to far on concessions to SF) the more extreme parties made great capital out of it,ie,the DUP made great play of the RUC being disbanded and the early release of Terrorists.
    David Trimble may have been courageous in pushing forward with the good Friday agreement but ultimately himself and his party suffered,the same with the SDLP on the Nationalist side.
    It still makes me uneasy seeing Gerry Adams and McGuiness prancing around on the TV.I UTTERLY DETEST THE PAIR OF THEM,Adams is a fantastic politician though.Totally understands the dark arts of politics!!!

  13. The difference between the 2 parties is:
    Sinn fein is IRA through and through, its senior members are murderers many of their victims have been Soldiers.
    The DUP is made up of "old school" ulster people. Very few have been involved in terrorist activity and certainly none of their senior members.
  14. That's pretty much why and how the moderates have lost any influence in local politics. Good summary.

    I quite agree about Adams - a "black arts" master. But don't underestimate IRKP's political skills. His career goes back 50 years; so far as his core following is concerned he's never put a foot wrong; and he's a wizard at using Commons/Brussels/Stormont procedures and mechanisms. He has real talent, as the civil servants who've worked with him have often said. A brilliant constituency MP, too - helping all in his "parish".

    But the bigotry is tragic. In a good cause, he could have had such a lot to offer. Perhaps he thrives best on negativity and friction.
  15. As an MP old Paisley has few equals in what is becoming a fast disreputable and totally irrelevant Parliament full of faceless selfish self serving sycophants.The man has my full respect as an MP,and can still speak with passion and with style in Parliament.
    Thats why i'm convinced he's not going to let Blair take any credit for this.It made me laugh how he didn't shake hands with Adams and how he was seated so he didn't have to look at him,brilliant!!
    As for Adams being a master of the "dark arts",Christopher Mayers excellent book DC Confidential gives a good account of how Adams is such a good and accomplished operator in the world of politics.