Pais to much in civvie land

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by 2/51, Nov 18, 2009.

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  1. Not TA, but RAF (aux)..but since there is not a forum for goes...

    Been told that if one earns too much money one may not be mobilised because it costs the MOD far too much money.

    I can see the logic behind this, if someone earns £50k a year and is just a lowly Private/Aircraftman on £13k pro rata, there is no way they are going to send them on tour and cover the shortfall in money.

    So any one know how this is calculated. Is it a percentage based thing?

    Also, how would bonuses be affected? For example, is someone regularly gets a bonus, it this taken into account?

    Lastly, company cars..if someone has a company car and the wifey uses it for her shopping etc, what happens if hubby us away and the car has to be handed back?

    Not really got any proper answers from the Boss...

    All hyperthetical of course ;)
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  4. I did acknowledge that in the first line :roll:

    I am asking here as I presume the TA and RAF(aux) would folow the same guidelines and I am more likely to get ans answer here..I hope
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    If you really are on £50k pa plus car, then you should consider forking out £20 for a dictionary.

  6. Perhaps so but it's marginally more helpful than your suggestion.
  7. Been there..same wishy washy answers as I got on camp....
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  9. I agree...but I am in Scotchland :wink: and therefore exempt ;)

    Its more to do with my inability to type fast than spell..fingers get mixed up :p
  10. Thanks for that...answers most of the questions...well, it implies that these things will be taken into consideration, but not necessarily "paid".

    Can't see a bit about "Bonus" unless it would come under "Commission".

    Thanks very much.
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