Builds pair of 1/72 scale Fairey Swordfish


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the townend exhaust collective ring should be steel not burned copper as I have painted it, the exhaust is wrong, it's a RAF night ops mark three, but they've been painted and fitted now so I'll have to live with their inaccuracies, live and learn for the Tamiya 1/48 floatplane swordfish I'm making further on down the line. Crew figures next.
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I never knew the RAF flew swordfish, every day etc.
I never knew the RAF flew swordfish, every day etc.
One Sqn as far as I know, 119 Sqn Coastal Command.
marking out the bare wood baseboard. Need to drill the holes for the support rod at the same angle.
bare base board.jpg

then bond the rods into the board through the blue card, supporting the lower plane so that it dries with it's wheels off the surface.
pegs suppoerting both planes.jpg
the observer on the higher plane has the chalk board out showing the new bearing to follow. The figures are a bit basic to say the least, so I'm keeping viewing distance at a reasonable arms length.


The Swordfish was made at our local village (Sherburn in Elmet); they've recently put up a sculpture to remind us all:
sclupture swordfish.jpg
Not sure how good or bad this is, or what grade of how bad it will be, it might be quite good, you never know with Revell, they are the windfall apples of the model manufacturing world, will I bite into this and find it's a mouthful of maggots, or a pleasant surprise. Their 1/32 Bf109G was a sweet tasty apple without a single worm, lets hope they honor the exploits of 617 Sqn with a reasonable kit. Daz, I already know what you think, it's a Revell.
box art.jpg

the low altitude lamps are shown at the wrong angle in the artwork, if the plane banks like it is shown, the fixed lamp beams would angle with the banking aircraft.

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