Pair guilty of killing Damilola

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Mad_Moriarty, Aug 9, 2006.

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  1. The killers of schoolboy Damilola Taylor have been brought to justice - six years and three trials after his death.

    After a Met Police & CPS sponsored Fcuk up, at last some justice has been done.

    Danny and Rickie Preddie, aged 18 and 19, have been found guilty of manslaughter.
  2. At least the parents have closure.

    Should never have been like this :evil:
  3. Their criminal records were read out on the news. Fcuk me! - gold plated thugs.

    In this case the death penalty would save us all a lot of money and grief.
  4. If I were them, I'd ask to be put in seg. Hopefully they will go to the Scrubs first to be processed and get the fcuking shite beaten out of them. Let's see if they can fight with their fists and not broken bottles!.
  5. Hang 'em, hang 'em high.
  6. Makes me laugh when their youth leader said a lot of what they did was because they had nothing to do. Well fcuk me, next time Im board I might just go up and down a train mugging people at knife point. Typical friggin social worker, blame society rather than accept the fact that some people are just scum and deserve to spend their life inside at HM's pleasure. And as for those prison reformers................ :x :evil: :x
  7. hope they rot in hell.
  8. Can't see it. What's the going rate for manslaughter? Five or six years and out in half that if they manage to avoid stabbing anybody in prison.

    Interesting to see Linda Belos, a 'community activist' and professional diversity consultant describing the killers as 'troubled boys' and saying that she would refuse to demonise them.
  9. I saw that report too. Funny how she or the whole news report made no mention about the parents of the brothers, what part they played or not played in their upbringing and showing these boys the right from wrong. Peckham is not as desitute as portrayed, they could have found better constructive pastimes than the taking of a life.

    What a waste. Waste of the millions on the blunders in the investigation and a waste of young happy boy. Them boys ought to given many bars of soap to drop in the shower, so they can feel as screwed over as the boy's parents.
  10. Listened to the wee lad's brother paying tribute to him. Moving. Very Moving.
  11. Betcha it's less in this case, because they were 'only' 12 and 13 when they did it...