Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by annie1969, May 6, 2013.

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  1. Anyone know the artist who paints pictures of old miner type men usually the paintings have some blue in them, also looking for an artist who paints old fashioned lady's wearing black clothes, the one I saw she had her back to me. Any help appreciated
  2. Lowry?
  3. Not for the miners, Im sure his name is Andrew something. I'll google for the lady painting. Thanks
  4. Nope and at those prices I'll not be buying any
  5. Andrew .................. has he done some sculptures at Blackpool that have gone into the sea, the other painter, is it contemporary, classsical , impressionist, cubist, pop art, vetrianno?
  6. Alexander Miller is the artist who does the paintings of the miner men, found it on google but I knew I would recognise his name the other I havn't a clue about. Painting was a woman with her back to me wearing a long black skirt, black Jacket, black hat, black tie up working boots, and just swirly shades of white and of white in the background.
  7. There are tons of art like that, you need to narrow it down a bit to be of any help
  8. Im sorry I can't I'm not an arty person. It was painted in the same sort of style as the Alexander Millar ones if thats any help
  9. its nearly 2 in the morning I am going to look tommorrow, if thats any help

  10. Your a star Dave, thanks
  11. My Uncle Tom a CPO had a Lowry picture, no idea what happened to it.
  12. I'd find it if I was you. When I googled the cheapest one was over 100k
  13. Won't come my way
  14. Thats pants then, you should've been nicer to him
  15. He fetched us a beef joint during the miners strike.