Painting Webbing/Bergan

The topics probably bindun, but here goes:

Brother in law organises expeditions for kids from his school (serious trips i.e Kilimanjaro not New Forest). He came across my rather elderly bergan and thought it was a good bit of kit for the money that they can be picked up for surplus.

The problem is, a lot of the place he goes, they are specifically told not to use/ display anything that looks military as nasty men with guns may take an interest.

Can anyone recommend a product that will not flake off exposing the DPM pattern underneath? Or react nastily with the material? If we can de-mil a few of these it'll save a few quid from the fundraising effort.

(They won't be doing any serious load hauling, more backpacker type thing where the bergans are dumped at base camp if they are off anywhere)

Thanks all.
Don't risk it. For the cost of painting it (ruberised dinghy / RIB pain works wonders) he would do just as well buying one of the many plain green/black/.... bergans that gan be sourced through the links in this forum. However good the paint-job, it will flake and your B-i-L could find himself paddle-less up a creek.
There are plenty suppliers of civvy equipment out there - and most give good discounts to bulk orders. Not even nearly worth the time, effort and risk to pick up surplus worn kit, paint it and then use it. Far easier to source the proper stuff from the start. I bet his local authority has a loan pool of kit for such a use anyway.
Painting Webbing/Bergan... for gays.
model spray, Tamia etc. Because its made to use on plastics it does not rot the nylon based fabrics that webbing and bergens are made of. Boot polish works as well.

From the days of 58 webbing and Para Bergens and green PLCE.

Although you can as the others said get quite nice civvi bergens very cheap.

g2_loony_bin said:
Painting Webbing/Bergan... for gays.
I don't think so. Nor does my friend Julian.
Military kit looks like military kit. If you paint it, its even more suspicious. If your mate is lucky, he'll get it confiscated at customs and walk up Kiuli carrying his life in a carrier bag. If not he'll get arrested or worse. Same goes for clothing. Look like a civvy rather than something out of the Wild Geese.
Get your brother in law to have a look at the following link

He would need to have a "company" to purchase, but delivery is free if he spends over £250.00.

Under £250 he would have to pay £10.00 delivery + Vat......

But he would be purchasing at trade :)
g2_loony_bin said:
Painting Webbing/Bergan... for gays.
or for ppl who practice the ancient art of cam and concealment!!! i spray my kit desert when i go on ops then scrape it off when i get back

Mr Happy

Major_Sharpe said:
Just get some of the slightly older OG pattern
When I'm tabbing around such interesting places that your brother might go to I use my OG Bergen with a hi-vis panel on top but I've still been looked at funny though never TQ'd.

Third world forces aren't used to DPM particularly and anything green will be looked at.

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