Painting weapon systems!

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Rtr, Sep 22, 2012.

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  1. Rtr

    Rtr Swinger

    I have seen a few pictures now of lads on tour painting there weapons. I'm just wondering how they can do this without the QM having a baby that they have just painted a brand new sharpshooter to like like something out of act of valour!
    Good example on the Anglian army page now
  2. They can just remove the paint, or just go over it with suncorite when they get back off tour?
  3. 1. They are on tour, therefore the unit can claim OpDef
    2. Wouldn't expect you to know as you haven't taken your GCSEs yet.
    3. Get out and get a life.
  4. Rtr

    Rtr Swinger

  5. Rtr

    Rtr Swinger

    Funny funny guy
  6. No, just an ex squaddie fucked off with:
    A. Wannabes asking shit questions.
    B. Alleged squaddies asking shit questions on the internet that they could get answers to in the NAAFI. I mean the real NAAFI, not some ephemeral Internet NAAFI.
  7. Rtr

    Rtr Swinger

    If it bothers you that much, why comment? Fair play though, funny comeback.
    We're in the modern army now so nobody hangs around the naafi. I asked a few lads and nobody seems to know. Hence why I asked here. I have only recently seen people painting rifles.
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  8. Well, that's why it's going down the tubes. When you join up, you'll be able to talk to the QM's dept. and when you o on tour you'll just do what everyone else does.
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  9. Weapons have been painted for many years now, covered with sniper tape then sprayed it is not a new thing.
  10. **** me I never knew it was a "system".
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  11. Has been happening for years. Here's a pic of the Staffords on Granby. Note the sandy coloured SA80 front hand guards, Many also painted SLR's (will have to dig out some pics out of my collection where ever they may be lurking).

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  12. Oh, bollocks. You had to go and mention THAT rifle. Now, instead of ripping the proverbial out of some 16 year old no mark, it will descend into a SLR Vs the rest butt fest.
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  13. TBH, there were more SLR's, SMG's and LMG's deployed on Granby than SA80's.
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