Painting copper pipe?

Discussion in 'DIY' started by vvaannmmaann, Nov 13, 2010.

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  1. Having hit my head once to often on a low door frame,I removed the thing this morning.However this has exposed some copper central heating pipes.I don't really want to Brasso the things once a week,so is there a primer or paint that will cover them? Ta.
  2. Best to use radiator paint. Otherwise everytime you turn the heating on and those pipes warm up you will have a house that smells of paint and flakes of paint falling off.
  3. Oil based undercoat first, then emulsion or better yet a metal primer first then a couple of gloss applications with a gnats cock of Turps mixed in.

    Failing that just use your nut and box in the exposed pipes if space allows.
  4. Metal primer, paint; I don't think there's any problems with paint adhering to copper.
    I used radiator paint only once; it crazed and then flaked off in big sheets over the next few months. I painted the same radiator with the metal primer and the emulsion I used on the walls and there has been no problem.

    Alternatively you could put insulation on them. Less painful when you bang your head.
  5. Whatever you use, give the pipes a light once over with fine or medium sand paper or emery cloth. Makes for a much better surface for the paint to grip.

    If I'm telling you to suck eggs, apologies, but you can thank me for conjuring up the memory of how nice it is to suck the heart out of that warm, wet middle bit, while the edges just slide wetly against your cheeks.

    I'm off to Tesco's now, may be some time.
  6. Thanks all.Wickes on Monday it is then.

  7. Awol:This is very good advice,I’m not certain of what types of paint are available in a store like wicks but get a surface tolerant primer if possible and a polyurethane top coat for a paint job the will out last your home.

    Never under any circumstances thin your paint with anything ,all it will do is **** up the paints properties.

    Well there is one reason to add thinners to paint and that is to get a slightly shinier finish for a sample for your customer to see, but it wont last anywhere as long as the original paint.
  8. Brasso them....

    and buy yourself a triple headed bumper for added effect.
  9. What's with the fancy paint, I just used bog standard emulsion, no prep work on pipes either and 6 years later, no discolouration or peeling.