Painted webbing etc

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by The_Cheat, Jan 12, 2007.

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  1. I remember a thread on this a while back, but the search function never works for me at work, so could either:

    A) Some one post me the link?

    B) Give any advice on what to use.

    I'm off on Herrick shortly and have shiney green Chest rig that I might want to alter. Problem is i'm not after anything permanent, and will the sand and dust and sh*t do it for me any way?


    T C
  2. paint it with the same sandy paint as they use for canvas - it won't peel off - then when you get back buy a new one from Tony's tour bonus! :wink:
  3. The sand and dust will do the job.
  4. You can get acyrlic spray paint from a decent hobby shop, it wont ruin the fabric as it remains flexible.
  5. NFM do some removable equipment sprays that look like they might be used on gear as well as weapons, you might want to get in contact with them, but here is the website:
  6. Just kick it round your garden for an hour or two, **** painting it, looks sh1te and make you look like a compelte tawt... like I did on Granby!
  7. I live in a block of flats... but I think i'll got for the 'natural option' :D

    T C
  8. Get a dersert one before you deploy from the clothing store, your QM's should have them in. If not demand one on **28. OP Herrick deployment. SOC. If not there were loads in theatre.
  9. Do you have an NSN? I doubt very much my QM has them, but with an NSN he can put in a request right?

    T C
  10. Not on me, on POTL at the moment, however your RQMS or anyone in the stores should have access to the SCOC disc with all NSN's on it. The clothing storeman should be able to get it very quickly.
  11. Cheat: I wouldn't paint my webbing/chest rig. By the look of your avatar you’re RAMC (apologies if I'm wrong). I'm not Infantry either and would personally feel a tw@t in front of these guys. I agree with FSJ that if your out on the ground enough, the green will fade pretty f*cking rapido. You should get issued the desert assault vest anyway. If you don't get it at your unit, you can get some in theatre (aw not that old favourite). But yes it's true. The other option is to use the pouches you get with the Osprey body armour and either nick some more or buy some from the PX to get it to how you want it.
  12. Thanks for all the help.

    You're right, I'm RAMC going out as a company medic. Didn't know the deal with green kit etc, but it sounds like sand and dust and all that's the best option.

    T C
  13. However you will glow like rudolf's cockk through any night vision device. Unless you're a cadet or a Rockape, DON'T DO THIS.
  14. The sand and dust will do the job just fine, if you can't wait the 5 minutes that it will take for all of your kit to get covered in the stuff then you could dampen it a bit then chuck it at the nearest sandy bit of ground.
  15. By the way, good luck!