Painted Collar Dogs

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by BenghaziBandit, Jun 19, 2010.

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  1. Anyone help with a bit of research please re. Service Battalions in WW1.?
    I post a picture of a WW1 soldier wearing the 'crossed rifle and pick' collar dogs.
    I have obtained a matching pair of these and they still bear traces of black paint.
    I have been told in some regiments officers badges were blackened, I can't believe that these dogs I have were dulled so not to shine because if so you would take them off; so, did officers wear blackened badges?
    I also post pic of the badges that I have, any ideas?

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  2. lots of units blacked their badges in fact we did it in Northern Ireland
  3. You did your NI tour in 1914?
  4. Why would the Catering Corps require blackened out cap badges?
  5. So we couldn't find them after they have given us the shits?
  6. Interesting collar dogs ,have you identified the regiment ??
  7. World War 1 Labour Corps
    The military service act of 1916 produced thousands of conscientious objectors. Some were exempted from combat for religious reasons or moral principles and joined one of the eight companies of the non-combatant corps. Convalescing officers and NCOs supervised them,The Corps also had a very large amount of labour from across the Empire and eventually China with number reaching over 300.000 men by 1918
  8. seaweed

    seaweed LE Book Reviewer

    When I was browsing the WW1 Medal Roll cards I found a fair number where the soldier had started out as an infantryman and ended up in the Labour Corps. Was this perhaps something to do with a medical downgrade?

    The soldier in the picture at the head of this thread seems to have some sort of Light Infantry capbadge unless I have analysed this wrong.
  9. They were blacked so as not to cause any sun reflection which would alert snipers, spotters etc.
  10. They originally started off as Labour and Works Battalions of Infantry Regts before the formation of the Corps in 1917.

    Source: Royal Pioneer Corps
  11. I reckon he's from a Pioneer Bn. of a Light Infantry Regt., possibly the Somerset LI as that looks like the Jalallabad castle thingy around the top of the Bugle cords. Pioneer Bns apparently wore the crossed Pick and Rifle to distinguish them from normal "line" Bns. Each Infantry Division had a Divisional Pioneer Bn. in it's orbat.
  12. In 1916 some infantry regiments formed labour battalions to accommodate category B(ii) men without a trade to carry out manual work, some coveralescent men served in these units until they were fit to return to their own unit at the front,these battalions joined the Labout Corps in 1917
  13. Pioneer units could fight but most Labour units could not, there were Labour battalions RE, Labour battalions infantry, and labour battalions non combatant, plus the Foreign Labour Corps
  14. That wasn't intentional, it was usually the smoke coming off the beans that done it.
  15. My regiment dont have a capbadge, its a "Motto" dummy