Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by aradia, Nov 22, 2011.

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  1. does anyone know of any paintballing centres close to nottingham city centre, i'm trying to find fairly cheap and close because i am planning for me and around a group of 50 16-18 year olds from my college to go paintballing after our january exams, in order to celebrate doing them and to let off some steam as well
  2. There's a couple out Sherwood Forest way but none that I know of closer. Google is your friend though.

    If your looking at doing it on the cheap what about airsoft? My lad's AI goes somewhere in Nottingham and says its cheap?
  3. i tried to talk them into airsoft but the refused they want to go paintballing and i can't say i blame them its great
  4. There's a Delta force paintball on the A453 out by M1 J24, reasonable fun my lad tells me. Take your own lunch as the burgers and pizzas aren't up to much.
  5. Nottingham? They just go for 9mm Hollow point!
  6. Surely after doing 50 16-18 year olds the last thing you want to be doing is running around a muddy field, strike up a cigar and work on your alibi instead.
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  7. Good point.

    Unless paintballing is a new slang term for some obscure sexual practice?
  8. Why ask in an army forum ? surely get a better response in an airsoft/paintballing website.... have a look in your favourites list. I bet you have them all listed there. Now get away you nonce !