Paintballing injury

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by happybonzo, Nov 28, 2010.

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  1. A pal has just been "shot" at point blank range in the head with a paintball gun
    He was "playing" paintball at some place or another.
    He told the shooter not to fire but the man then shot him twice in the head at point blank range.

    My friend is in Addenbrookes, Cambridge (spelling?) Head severely cut in two places, double vision, severe headaches.

    Any ideas as to what course he should take?
  2. I dont think there is much he can do, did he sign a disclaimer at the site? If he didnt their may be a case for i think assault, but not sure if much would actually happen in a way of convictions as they were playing in a game?
  3. next time, walk up to asailant and but stroke the ****** then put a couple in his arrse for good measure

    SOunds like a gayer, what are "severe cuts"
  4. Consider reporting it as an criminal assault (ABH?) to police maybe. If so, get photographs of the injuries sooner rather than later (evidentially better if they can be taken by their soco if you can). Consent was not given to that assault and it is reasonable that injury would be sustained by a reckless act by the other.

    Unlikely to have a case against the paintball company as the injury was not caused by an act of negligence on their part (and he probably signed a waiver before the games started) and, I imagine, the safety briefing would have mentioned no head shots etc. Look up volenti non fit injuria for common law.

    Then again, I'm not a legal beagle.
  5. Been Paintballing twice through work and at both venues there was a safety brief including warning against headshots. So if its against the rules possible assault?
    From Wiki:
    "Some fields encourage players to aim away from opponents' heads during play if possible; splatter from mask hits can penetrate ventilation holes in the goggles and cause eye irritation, close-range hits to the mask can cause improperly-maintained lenses to fail, and hits to unprotected areas of the face, head and neck are especially painful and can cause more serious injury."
  6. jim24

    jim24 Book Reviewer

    A full mag. of 9mm IMHO is the answer
  7. Eh, knack the shooter and stop playing soldiers with fat beardy men?
  8. Its all fun and game until someone loses an eye......[video=youtube;oXeMontXSTI][/video]
  9. How about man the **** up, work on his personal skills and drills so he dosent get shot?

    The failure of people to deal with incidents like this without recourse to 'where do I stand legally' and falling out from that 'can I claim' is indicative of a weak broken society.

    Man the **** up.
  10. Went Paint balling once with a friends group and was placed in charge as I was only one in the army??, got a bit carried away thrusting my weapon through one of the bunkers firing points at point blank range and letting rip to lots of ooooos!! and aaarggghs!!! They later got me back and I returned some in good measure..I arrived home later that day covered in bruises with a black Eye, a lump the size of an egg on my forehead, above where the mask sits and lots of grazes and cuts. Great fun and part of the whole experience surely??

    They will be stopping scouts from going camping next.

  11. when i used to paintball,, we used to have hard hats and goggles.. so if they where not given to you i would sue..
    my lad when in the navy was shot in the eye with a paintball lost the sight in it for a few months and its not good now.
  12. If it was an accident, then that sort of thing happens. If someone did that to me maliciously, I'd have punched him right through the mask.
  13. No win no fee, nothing to lose.... [​IMG]

    ******* amazing that the Ads haven't caught on yet...maybe now they will.
  14. Was he wearing a mask?