Paintballing in Hants/Dorset...10 Tickets

Mods, not sure if this is purely an H4H auction site or not, if so please PM me and I'll do it elsewhere.

At our SSAFA office we have been given to raffle 10 tickets for a days paintballing in Hants/Dorset area. Now it's not my cup of tea but some of you may like them for a kids treat or a corporate event.

They have a face value of £99.50 for the lot so I'll take offers for them. They are only valid till Feb 2010.

Included in the cost (according to the blurb they sent us) is:

Full day entry


Semi automatic gun

BBQ Lunch

Free tea and coffee

100 Paintballs

This is their website:

I will donate the money to our SSAFA account should anyone wish to bid on them.

You might have more luck if you correct the Freudian slip you made in the title.
I will add to this with a big of information about the sites, as this is my 'home' paintball site. (And I am biased in their favour)

Camouflage are an independant site so you won't get the miserable minimum wage staff of corporate chains, but do get a friendly bunch of people - and they are 'services friendly'.

The tickets are for the entry price so you get 100 paintballs but will obviously want more to last the day. On average I would recommend 1000 balls for the day, but some will use just 500.

Extra paint is on a rolling price scale from £6.50 for 100 to £50 for 1000.
The best way is to buy 1000 at a time between two so you can see how much you use. Budget to spend £50 on paint on the day, but you could end up only needing the original 100 + 500, thus spending half as much.

Everything you need is supplied, (Tippmann 98 marker, goggles, overalls). You should wear decent footwear to allow yourself to run around the woods, and comfy clothing either for under the overalls or what you are willing to play in.

Tea & coffee are free all day, a free BBQ burger for lunch, (vege option as well if you let them know in advance or in the morning) including some seconds while stocks last. Cans & chocs are available to buy.

You will have a choice of the two sites - Alton in Hampshire, and Hurn near Bournemouth in Dorset. If you're inclined to dive on the ground or crawl a lot then Alton may not be the place to go as parts of the ground are flinty. The Hurn site offers some good hills for running up and down.

Painball / paintball does hurt a bit - but only if you get shot and it doesn't hurt long or at all once you get the adrenaline going, and is for all aged 11+

The SSAFA auction is for 10 tickets but you can always book in for more, when you book say you have the SSAFA charity tickets and they may sort you out some deals for the extras.
YesItsMe said:
Any idea so far when the auction will end ? :)

This is no
btw. ;)
I will end it on Friday at 12pm. Only because I'm sure whoever wins it won't fancy paintballing in the Winter so at least this way they might get some fine weather!!

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