not sure which forum this should go in. Is it a sport?

I have just been asked to join a paintball team. my Brother's Employers team. they are all really keen and seem to think that as a Soldier I will be good to have on the team.

Will my military skills transfer to the paintball fields or am I in for some surprises?

I have already been informed that head shots don't count as kills but if you get shot on the finger end you are dead - didn't get it but that's the rule. Something about safety apparantly.

I'm pretty confident that I will be in better shape than the rest of the team fitness wise. I recently played squash with one of them and he had to leave the court to be sick halfway through.

What should I expect. Will it be a laugh? These guys seem to take it pretty seriously.

I must admit one of the reasons I am doing it is because the company pays fr a SAS smock for all the team members and i've wanted one for twelve years but been too tight to part with my pennies.

I don't think these lads are walts before you all start. They all work for a printing company and see this as a sport. They don't think they are Special forces or anything but are quite competitive. We will be playing against a packaging manufacturing company. :D
Lairdx, get the smock and then go sick, but only if it fits you!!!!!!!

The opposing team when they find out who you are, will be out to get you killed in the first instance. If you get hit with a paint ball it will bloody hurt and will break your heart when it knackers up your beloved new smock.

Paintballing transforms civvies into wannabee Rambo's and Walts, which can have a lasting effect on their psyche. They are probably printing fig.11 targets with your mask on, so be warned. These civvies will be lurking in the shadows at Sheffield station and polishing their VC's and rank stars whilst watching re-runs of 'ultimate force'.

You have been warned.
I've had a really good idea. I am going to put my paintballs in the freezer before hand. Anybody out to get me will regret it when they feel like they have too many testicles.

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