Paintball terrorist surely no relation to Blackadder...

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by 1stgulfmac, Feb 26, 2008.

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  1. This appeared today:

    in this story about terrorist walting...
    Paintballing terrorists

    but is he related to:

    Please God no!
  2. Obviously his plans were just not cunning enough!

    Now where's the Lord High Executioner when you need him?
  3. how do you get paint out of a beard?
  4. "Prosecutors said he sought to groom impressionable young men, a process that had only intensified after the July 2005 suicide bombings."

    So he's a shirtlifter and a walt!!
  5. I saw a couple of bits of one of his training videos. Does anyone know why all islamist terrorists in training feel the need to do endless sumersaults and forward rolls?
  6. theyre all a bit obsessed with ninjas? seriously though, werent the 9/11 lot quite obsessed with guy savelli, and one actually contacted him asking for advice?
  7. It's to help them avoid being dry bummed in prison.
  8. Reaction to effective waistcoat detonation?
  9. Walts or not? scarry if this is going on else where:

  10. Muslim walts shouldn't play paint ball init
  11. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Well that's not something they should waste time practising. When the 'AEDS' (Active Entrail Distribution System) goes off, most of the somersaulting and rolling will be automatic.

    Surely, they should be practising their 'cloud shagging' techniques, or better still, tight-fanny entry methods for when they get to paradise.
  12. Now a shirtlifting walt I can understand but a but a shirtlifter walt?

    Pretend you are a bender? Why would you bother. Normal (if they can be described as normal) walts do it for the very small chance of getting in the knickers of impressionable females (or they are just insane) so why would you want to pretend to be a shirtlifter?

    Don't get this at all.. :? :lol:
  13. blue-sophist

    blue-sophist LE Good Egg (charities)

    A Home Office spokesperson possibly said ...

    "We will stamp out this terrorist training potential by requiring the manufacturers of paintballs to include a quantity of pig fat. And all paintball guns will require to have pigskin covers on the grips."

    A Terrorist spokesman possibly said, "BOOOOOooooomm"
  14. So certain kind of female feel safe in your presence and eventually try and convert you.Seen this done once very sneeky.
  15. Oh the naivete of youth. Have you ever wondered why girls like queers so much? Yes, they are thoughtful, hygienic, don't forget birthdays, anniversaries etc and are "good listeners". Moreover every woman, from Jade Goodie to the Heavenly Choir of Angles reckons they are ultimately supremely desireable, mainly because they have a furry clam. Who are we to say they are not wrong either...

    So sat their on her money-maker, next to a bloke who affects to despise it, what is a girl to do? A queer guy is a challenge to the average woman. By walting or impersonating a gay lord in the company of women, you increase your chance of getting a curative shag by an infinite number of "game-on" points.

    Keep pretending that you are vulnerable, curious and "not sure if this is right" up to the point where she is hand-cuffed to the bed stead and you are screaming "Yeah, baby, yeah! You want it you bitch..." and similar thoughtful words of love. In the morning thank her for trying to "cure" you but explain that you are not quite sure if heterosexual intercourse is for you, based on just that one experience...

    Which is why I often visit the ladies hockey club in my alter-ego of "Gervaise"...