Paintball imams spread militancy


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Activity days are 'front' to recruit young Muslims

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The Asian group paid no attention to the 300 or so other players at the six-acre site, although they kept their voices down when, at the end of a game, the winning team called “Allahu Akbar [God is great]”.

You're not bad at this paintball lark, you done it before?

Err- well sort of, I honed my skills on the foothills of Afghanistan
Excellent!! at last a role for the paint ball walts, shadowing all Asian players!
Quote from the times story:-

"But the men who pursued each other last Sunday morning through the wooded grounds of Delta Force’s paintballing park near Congleton, Cheshire, had little in common with the stag parties and company teams nearby"

I'm suprised the Commision for Racial (in) Equality didnt demand the debauched stag do and greedy western company teams kicked off the site, so's not to offend the friendly intergrationaly minded muslims during their paintball jihad.
I reckon we should send an ARRSE contingent to thier next recruiting event... sorry.. paintball game. Dont forget to frezze the paint balls overnight tho lads. Or failing that bring our own guns along.

If this group is encrouraging them not vote, it seems that democracy is a wasted right on them. and they should have their residency revoked.

If they dont like democracy they can go and live in a dicatorship maybe Iran or Pakistan?
I feel sorry for them or at least a few of them.

Some had to travel there in an ASTRA.

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