Paint Mines & Other Delights to Stop Garden Intruders?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Gundulph, Dec 30, 2008.

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  1. Watched those idiots in that Jackass Part II the other day where 3 of them get wasted by a 'safe-ish' home made claymore device that fired rubber balls at them, anyone have any links to Products of this type that will cover an intruder in paint or frighten them that much they will think twice before entering your Domain, or at least force them to bring a Sapper with them the next time 8)
  2. I have seen a sort of booby trap thing that fires a blank shotgun catridge.

    Sort of like those bird scarers but attached to a trip wire.

    Not sure how legal they would be in the UK though as with just a little bit of fiddling it could be quite nasty :)
  3. Just thought of another one :)

    Same sort of idea, a Heron scarer that is triggered by breaking an IR beam and then it shoots a jet of water.

    Change the water for paint/petrol/liquid shite/that yellow stuff out of stink bombs.

    Should work pretty well :)
  4. Think of all the waltish gongs a sapper could get from the paintball/airsoft brigade :D
  5. You can always contact Biped. He sells these little gems CLICKY

    He's even got the real deal :lol: Bit pricey at £9.95 a pop

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  6. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Biped also sells tripwire mines with 12 bore blanks!
  7. That was what I was trying to place the linky for but monged it up, so nothing unusual there :lol:

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  8. Line guns, or at least thats what they used to be called. Available from all good argicultural merchants :D
  9. paintball sentry looks the dogs bollocks! would be ******* ace to see a cat trying to get thro a garden with 1 or 2 of them set up in it! never mind some pissed up chavs....
  10. You can get CS and pepper spray paintball rounds now....

    Crowd control on the cheep!

    T C
  11. regrettably they're not legal for use in the UK. Anyway, the most likely people to use them would be the Oinks.

    Something that is good is an electric fence. You have to dig a small pond to get away with it though. You then put up a fencing unit to keep the Herons away. May I recommend one to you? This should fry their bits off CLICKY
    They are truly wonderful to watch when cats are involved :lol:
  12. Goody, any claymores on the go with lots of small red coloured paint balls in, spot on for perimeter security, dig the odd pit bung in a few punji stakes and bingo your home becomes a castle again.
  13. An electric fence works well