paint green gloss

Does anyone know of the correct type of paint and its nsn for painting ceremonial equipment? Im torn between deep bronze green, dark green gloss. Both of which are available as laquer, paint and paint, finish. I have a 25 pd'r that requires a respray but not sure of the correct paint to demand.
IIRC we used bronze green on ours at the school, late '60s and on the one we restored to put on Sentosa Island Singapore mid '70s. Not got a clue about the nsn though, sorry.


I thought it was sourced from Land Rover...deep Bronze Green, to match said Land Rovers (series1, 2 and early 3) when on parade.

Its actually not a Land rover colour, just one they used. I believe its number is BS 224 from about 1948/9 onwards. still used today.

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