Pains in quads?


I ran 4 miles last night which is the furthest i've ever ran :oops: , (woo to me!). but i was really let down towards the end by my quads and hamstrings. They felt like pure lead and really stopped me running faster. And i can barely walk up the stairs now. i went for a few km's on my bike today without any dramas so i don't think i've pulled anything so i guess its just my legs got caught out.

can anyone reccomend a good exercise to help ease my legs into longer distances? I don't wanna have to pussy out of a run tommoro, i'll crawl it if i have to!

Cheers for any advice
do you have flat feet (fallen arches)?
no my feet are fine if not slightly wide but i didn't suffer any ankle/joint/shin pain during the run. just the hammering on my theighs. Which are really f**kin big btw if that has anything to do with it? They are very muscley tho. v little body fat on my legs- saved all that for the gut ha ha
after 23 years in the mob my arches have fallen, which have turned my knees slightly in, which then has had the effect of putting loads of strain on my knees, hamstrings and quads, the quads are sometimes so painful that its hard to even walk. It was going sick with these pains that alerted the doc and physio to my feet. keep an eye on your feet mucker and all the best with your run.
will do mate, i thought it might be a posture problem but the run was with a PTI so i would have thought he'd have said something if a was running like an arrse! (then again maybe not? meh ). I didn't think to ask him about it tho.

I have a medical next week anyways so shall ask the guy who gets to tickle my balls! :bball:

Cheers Fox
Go sloooow and loooong.. once you can run, say 10 miles, come back to the 4 mile distance and you will be feeling alot better about it during and after the run. But dont run for speed, run for distance and the speed will come.


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