Pains in: Big toe, shin and my right hip.

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by the_beer_man, Apr 2, 2009.

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  1. Been getting some large pains in my big toe, halfway up my shin on the inside of my leg and occasionaly my hip. All of these are on the right side. I've tried resting and the pain doesn't go away. Once I've phys'd it doesn't hurt and it doesn't cause me much grief whilst I'm running (the shin one does to start with but goes away after 10 minutes).

    I haven't stubbed my toe, fallen over or done anything out of the ordinary so this one is a bit of a mystery.


  2. I think it's all in your mind. I'd go out and do a 10 mile hop on your 'bad leg' with a full bergen, up hills just to prove your toe, shin, hip, spine, skull are all OK. If anyone suggest that you see a Doctor ignore them, Doctor's are a waste of time and know nothing about these things. We on ARRSE will look after you.
  3. As I'm sure you answer was a vague attempt at sracasm the "doctors know nothing quote" is not far off the mark my learned friend. 18 months of mis-diognosis from two of my local gp's for a previous problem has left my faith somewhat lacking. I am in the process however of registering with my new gp but am wondering if anyone if anyone has experienced similar problems.

    It's all in your mind has been the beer man's usual approach to other problems. This never ends well either.
  4. The very same thing happened to a bloke I knew just before he had his first leg amputated and he lost the use of his thumbs. You sound pretty fvcked to me mate, I'm sorry. It's probably time to sink into a maudlin, reflective state; start being nice to everyone around you, even people you barely know, make up with old enemies and give all your money away to complete strangers. Spend what you have left on a last farewell to the good times by doing a lap dancing bar tour of the Baltic States before coming home and living the life of a hermit in the Western Highlands until the end.

    Chin up, worse things happen at sea.
  5. You probably have a misaligned skeleton or bad running gait. Go to see a good physio.
  6. Do you have a bunion? Cause i have one and was warned that if i ever ended up with the symptoms your describing then to seek medical help.....just a thought.
  7. Road running will **** you up. Check your trainers? and rest
  8. Did you recently increase your running mileage? Are you running in old shoes? Do you have flat feet? Are you running on the road and always on the same side of the road?

    Sorry to ask so many questions, but all can contribute to the types of aches/pains you are describing.

    The shin pain could be shin splints...or a stress injury of the tibia which can become a stress fracture. Hopefully the hip pain is only muscular or bursitis. Hip stress fractures can be serious so if you have recently greatly increased your mileage, you may want to have it checked out.
  9. And just to confuse you you can get very similar symptoms from spinal problems. I did. Seating can have a lot to do with it. I used to have bad sciatica. Problem cured when my boss replaced my old SUV with a crappy seat with a nice new Ford Crown Victoria (big sedan, think cop cars on US TV shows). Maybe a occupational therapist/physical therapist could check out your car seat and office seat for you.
  10. Firstly how large are the pains ? are they just mm or do they go into metres ?

    Secondly it sounds as if you are leaning to your right and putting all your weight on that side of the body.

    Dr Taff recommends glueing some packing to the sole of your right boot to force the weight onto your left side. Start off with a piece of 18mm ply and see how that goes. If no joy increase in increments of 6mm
  11. Is it mostly brought on by running?

    If so you might be wearing the wrong type of running shoes and may even need orthotic correction in order to get your legs working in the correct biomechanical fashion.

    First thing I would do is visit a tidy running shop (not JJB sports for example) and ask them for some advice. They should get you to run about a bit in order for them to see if you're an overpronator.

    Then go to a physio, they should give you some treatment and then some stretches/strengthening exercises to help. They may even refer to an orthotic clinic for some inserts to place in your shoes.

    Be prepared to spend a bit of cash but it'll be worth it in the end. I've had to do all this, and with shoes/physio/orthotics have spent about £250, as I've just started doing half marathons and it's been causing havoc with my knees and hip but doing the above has got it on the mend.
  12. Concur with everyone on here who has said "Go and see a physio" mate. Might cost you a few quid (no idea how much an initial consultation would be but I'd imagine about the £50 mark) but minor snags I've had in the past (achilles tendonitis, piriformis etc) have been sorted pretty quickly by advice from physios.

    Or, if you're a member of a gym, take one of the staff to one side and ask for some advice, but the quality of said advice would vary massively. Some of the staff at my gym are never seen doing anything else than cleaning the kit, and they wear the same tops as the personal trainers!!!!
  13. I personally love the fat ones who lecture the not so fat clients on how to lose weight...

    As for the OP - my first guess would be a mild form of functional scoliosis - go see a decent physio...
  14. if its when you touch yourself in those areas i would diagnose a broken finger. If not go see a good phizzyo they should put you straight in more ways than one.
  15. but what if he lives on a ship?