Painful Thumb

Right, first off, Doc's appt is booked, just looking for arrser's opinions too as possible asking points for when I see the Doctor....

I played Rugby 2 weeks ago now and at some point in that game injured my thumb, I can't pin it down to a specific tackle so I don't know any details about which way it bent etc but I came off that pitch not being able to enjoy the victory because of the huge pain!

Stupidly I didn't go to the hospital. I didn't have time, I needed to get other stuff done and long story short I guess I was too lazy. It's still painful now, not as much as it was but still enough to make me wince on movement.

I've done the usual squeezing and seeing where it hurts and this is what I've found:

It bloody hurts to squeeze anywhere on the first knuckle, the one 2 down from the tip, one up from the wrist, at the end of the curved bone. It's also painful to bend the thumb, particularly at the first knuckle, but also at the second knuckle, nearest the tip. It was very very swollen for the few days after the match but that seemes to have subsided slightly but not completely back to normal.

I've broken the bone at the tip of my thumb before, but this is pain is definately not in the same place.

Cheers for any input gents.



aryt m8 had something like it with my middle finger(of all fingers) but its most likey a cracked bone. Go see coz you need a stupid hand thing for 3 weeks then it starts to get better. then again could be something more messed up but from wot you decribed it basically wot i had.


Well, there you are, dhgrainger1, complete diagnosis and a guide to the course of treatment.

At least, I think it is.
I reckon you've knackered it mate.
Hope this helps.

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