Painful legs

Hi All, I've tried to get to see a GP but can't see anyone til next weds! So i'm wondering if I should try and get some help earlier.

I'm having problems with my legs, a few years ago I managed to break them in 18 places and get a couple of holes punched through them, however recently my calfs have started to become lumpy and bruised (which become itchy) and quite painful, very tender to touch and standing up or sitting down is painful however brisk walking is no bother, running though causes pains on impact.

Anyone had anything similar or have I caught the pox?
Phone NHS Helpline. Tell them everything. They will either tell you to see a doc, go to casualty or call you an ambulance.
Bossdog said:
Phone NHS Helpline. Tell them everything. They will either tell you to see a doc, go to casualty or call you an ambulance.
Bugger, forgot about them, many thanks. :oops:


Sounds serious mate id get down casualty. Pain is one thing, but itching...sounds like an infection.
Hope its a falsie though mate.
Normally you would get a half decent answer on here - but i can't imagine too many Arrsers have gone through what you have gone through.

Probably best to follow the advice above.

BTW how did you trash your legs like that?


Just to be an Arrse, its calves not calfs, youre talking about about an itchy heard of cow.

Sorry about that.

ache = rub and a little rest
pain = loads of rest (This is where i am right now)
itch = panic, get yourself to a doc

Dont mean to be candid about it but seriously you need to get a pro to look at you ASAP. If you can, get yourself down A&E tonight.
This is just one theory for one possible thing it sounds like - get proper advice from someone who is qualified and can look at it !

if you have seriously damaged the muscles in your legs - (which if you broke them that badly is bound to have happened) the covering on the muscle and the inside of the skin which need to slide over each other when you move do not heal as flat as they were origianly - so when you try and exercise or use the muscle it will itch as the two surface rub and if they have healed together they pull apart, bloodb flows around, its your body trying to encourage you to rub it and smoooth the lumps out.

The muscle gets lumpy because it has healed that way when it was mulched up! (ie a severe bruise) as you up the exercise and move it and build it up. it becomes more apparant.

you can walk into and pay within 2/3 days to a good sports therapist who can tell you if its infected or otherwise - cost about £30(about an hour!) but you'll get treatment and advice - not just related to your injury - training tips, recovery, diet and motivation! etc etc etc!
Ok, its an infection...however it looks like I have a bit of a problem along the lines of Grumpy's post. Thanks for the support, had I waited til next week it would have been alot worse...