Pain while running

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by broadsword69, Apr 15, 2009.

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  1. I've been having shin pain and lower back pain since I started running again post christmas. A little background; never been a natural runner but last year was running 4-5 miles quite happily. Then I started weight training and packed on a stone and a half of lean muscle to take me to 15.5 stone (5ft 9", 38 yrs old).

    Picked up the cardio to do some cutting and had the pains when running. Thought it was shin splints and running style. Having seen a sports masseuse, it turns out my leg weight training has been having an effect. I make sure I get the technique right when I'm at the squat rack etc but it appears the stronger glutes have overcompensated for the weaker ones resulting in pelvic stability problems. This has caused my back pain as my hips and pelvis move far too much when running. My arches have dropped and my feet are now flatter and pointing out further meaning I'm over-pronating and overusing the outer shin muscle, causing shin pain.

    So, not what I thought but I now have some exercises to do and will be looking at motion control running shoes. Should be sorted hopefully in a few weeks.

    Thought I'd post this in case it helps others.
  2. Too right! I just came back from physio and feel terrible. I hate deep tissue massage. Nearly knocked her out by kicking out like a pussy. lol.

    I did a lot of leg weights and stuff, but apparently its laughable how inflexible I am. Oh well.

    Apparently its common that a lot of people have muscle imbalance or stiffness in limbs which causes injuries. But I'm not expert. Just a victim
  3. you just need to work on your core stability more... this happens all the time when people are trying to get fit they just end up overworking the large muscle groups.
  4. Yeah, my abs and obliques are fine, it's my transversus abdominis I need to do some work on. Bit like pelvic floor exercises, but it's the sides of the 'box' as opposed to the bottom of the box (which is the pelvic floor).
  5. Doesn't matter which part of the "box" it is all remidied by some good swiss ball and wobble board excercises.
  6. Thats the thing about lifting, if you don't stretch or take part in a sport that forces stretching in its application, you will lose flexibility. Having un balanced muscles (a common one is people who do a shed load of benching but no pulling motions) often leads to injuries (in the above ase, rotator cuff issues).
  7. I'm as flexible as a fuking brick. Anyone know whether yoga is good or is it a load of shyte?
  8. yoga would be really good, especially for your trans ab and multifidus. also pilates classes :D
  9. Yoga and pilates are all good mate. Fitness is like diet you have to have a balance and variety to be healthy, so a bit of flexibility, and core stability, weights and cardio, aerobic and anaerobic, speed and indurance. You tend to find injuries coming with concentrating too hard in a limited area, have a look at the female joining up thread all they do is run and now they are getting injuries, people forget that CV isn't just running and strength isn't just weight lifting.