pain when bending arm

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by muzza6984, Dec 23, 2009.

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  1. Hi anyone got any idea what i might have done to my arm. Been exercising lots for basic and the last two weeks when i bend my right arm get some pain around my elbow. i have nt done any weight lifting for almost a week but its still sore. any advice what might be?
  2. Wankers cramp
  3. Change arms at 99!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. will it stop you from stirring a pot or chopping veg?
  5. Might sound strange, but have you actualy tried asking a Doctor? instead of asking peopple on the internet. :roll:

    or you could just stop bending your arm. :D
  6. My advice would be not to bend it.
  7. You have a short dick and this is putting a strain on your elbow when you choke the chicken.
  8. just sit on it for a while, it makes it go numb apparently? wont take the pain away but its funny trying to wank with it
  9. Been doing chin ups by any chance ?
  10. Tommy Cooper-esque:

    "I went to the doctor and said I had a pain in two places."

    he said, "Well don't go to them places"

    "I have pain when I do that"

    he said " well don't do that!"

  11. yeah all spot on answers think i know what it is!!!!

    why go to the docs unless your absoutley fucked docs for pussies mate do you go alot yeah??
  12. Oh dear, a mong.
  13. Wind it in muhammedimhardbrucelee, seriously.
  14. Not an unreasonable question surely ?
  15. i do mate but not loads to be honest. i did pick up all my weights at gym. just cause iv rested it for a week but still sore. mate said sounds like tennis elbow. so might just give it few more days an see if it goes. pain cause cant really train bored shitless.