Pain, vomit and laughter

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by 762baynet, May 22, 2007.

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  1. What a morning, I have been having a major problem with an old root canal filling towards the back of my lower jaw. Ibuprofen had done all it could and it was time to see the dentist so I booked myself in for 10am this morning.
    It all started well enough with the gnasher jockey telling me that the filling was fcuked because the tooth had split down the middle and that I would have to have it out. Next came the injection (s) to dull the pain and he went to work on the easy half of the tooth- that came more or less straight out.
    The other half refused to budge and he kept sending the very tasty assistant out to get ever bigger tools. More and more of his body weight was in use on the offending part of the tooth but it would not budge. As time went on I realised I was contorted horrificly like someone being electrocuted and thought what my facial expression would be like if only I could see it. I started laughing despite the pain.
    Then he went into a draw and signed out the forceps. As he placed his hand back in my gob to protect my tongue he pushed too far back and I gagged, grabbed all his dental stuff out of my mouth and spewed. Most of it went onto the bib I had attached to me but a little bit went onto his coat.
    Horrified by this he said that he had done all he could and that I would have to go to hospital to have the rest out (probably the best plan). I put my jacket on and went downstairs with a cotton swab in my mouth to soak up blood. The waiting room was pretty full and I started laughing again when I said to the receptionist 'dentist says I dont have to pay this time'- blood dripping from my mouth.
    The question is... have you ever puked on someone that you shouldnt have?

  2. Yes......when the QM ordered me to do a full kit checK......been on the "lash" the night before.....well he got it!!!!!!
  3. I was in a civvie bar for an end of course p*ss up and having had a few too many fizzy lagers, decided that the best course of action was to head towards the general area of the toilet in case the beer decided to make a reappearance. On the way through the crowd the bouncer spotted me swaying and bumping into people and decided to grab me by the collar. As I turned I felt a bit of rumbling in the pit of my gut and warned the bouncer that he might want to let me go if he wanted to avoid being sprayed, he refused so I decided that if I was going to let it out it might as well be over him as I had warned him beforehand. Luckily a few of the guys I was with saw what was happening and followed me out to avoid the shoeing that would have been inevitable from this guy and his mates.
  4. Puked over a guest at dinner night. Got coat and left sharpish.

    Puked on wife once. Now Ex wife. Well here hair never got rid of the smell.
  5. now where's me list........