Pain, real shout out loud PAIN!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by DRIVER_B_III_RASC, Aug 2, 2012.

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  1. What was the most painful thing that ever happened to you? I dont mean breaking up with a bird type of pain, but real physical, gut wrenching, teeth gritting, breath sucking, hollering, swearing out loud PAIN!

    To kick things off I give you this morning's scenario as I got out of bed, walked towards the bedroom door in bare feet and trod on the prongs of a three pin plug. I'm in a muck sweat now just thinking about it.

    Over to you.
  2. This was done just a few months back.
  3. Me up a ladder chainsawing through a old oak beam.Unknow to me the beam was full of termites.Applied saw to beam,hot knife through butter time.Beam collapses bringing down ladder me and chainsaw.Foot caught through rungs,couldn't jump clear.Ladder goes forwards,I land atop of it.Chainsaw still running lands three inches from my left ear.

    I actually cried.Then was in bed for two days with the shock.
    The old barn made a lovely cottage.
  4. My dog biting my cock when I was a nipper.

    Apparently when you're 3yrs old and getting changed to go to bed (hence why I was naked), winding up your pet labrador is not a good idea. Thankfully I was too young to remember the doctor and nurses at A&E pissing themselves laughing when my mum took me up there.
  5. A Germans massive cock, Christ that smarted a bit.
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  6. Full tear of my ACL!!! Unbelievable the amount of pain looking at my knee pointing at a funny angle!
  7. Going downstairs to the toilet one night in the pitch black about 6 years ago, didnt bother putting the lights on to go downstairs as it was around 4 in the morning and didnt want to wake others up. I thought I was on the last step and put my foot out expecting floor but I was still one step up, I went completely over on my ankle and there was a loud crack came from it as it twisted under me and all my weight went on it, the pain was unreal & I had a right struggle on to not shout "FUUUUCKKK!" at the top of my voice, it was absolute agony and my foot had gone black with a huge egg on the side of my ankle within 15 minutes. Luckily I didnt break anything, it was just ligament damage but it was strapped up for about 6 weeks and it was months before it felt normal again!
  8. Banging my shin on a towbar. Big hurties...

  9. That'll teach you to smear peanut butter on your knob.
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  10. This Tribe

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    Try breaking your elbow. It's like hitting your funny bone only far, far worse and the pain lasts for ages.
  11. When all of the muscles in my thigh decided to cramp up at once. Stretching one way made the other way worse, and vice versa. I was on a train at the time too. It was agonising.

    Oh and being headbutted in the cock by a fish.
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  12. Watching my youngest daughter drown in Corfu several years ago was painful.

    Not as painful as watching a TA unit carry out a freedom parade though.
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  13. Agreed, I tore my ACL four years ago. I don't think it had completely torn initially and at first I thought I had just dislocated my knee. I had an unbearable urge to straighten my leg so did so, thinking that would set the knee back into place, instead there was a loud pop and a scream echoing around the general Llandudno area...
  14. Forgot to add - getting up in the night (fucking nocturnal bladder) for a piss two days after I'd had a double open inguinal hernia repair, I had to kind of roll sideways out of bed, then get my feet on the floor, then try & stand up. As I stood up all the stitches & forming scar tissue stretched out and pulled tight, I've never known pain like it, it was white hot and made me think of those poor cunts who got hung drawn & quartered in medieval times. You wouldnt even know I'd had the op now but the first two weeks following surgery were fucking miserable.
  15. You do know Dingerr is going to turn up and destroy all your gay stories, don't you?
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